Microwave Ovens Buying Guide | Important Factors You Must Consider

Microwave Ovens Buying Guide | Important Factors You Must Consider

We brought here Best Microwave Ovens Buying Guide based on important factors that you must prefer while buying like technology used, its type, inbuild features, capability & efficiency, top brands & much more.

Buying Guide Microwave Oven

We present here Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Microwave Oven in India (Feb 2020) based on technology, type, features, capability & brand. Read till the end to make right decision before purchasing one.

Our expert have brought some factors together those are very important to be considered while buying a microwave oven. Must have a look on these factors before making final decision to buy a microwave oven for your kitchen.

Types of Microwave Ovens

A microwave oven is an appliance which uses microwave rays in the electromagnetic field to cook the food that is put inside the oven. It works perfectly to bake cakes, pastries, bake pizza, roasting chicken, reheating foods etc.

Types of Microwave Ovens

Depending upon their functionalities, Microwave Ovens are of various types which are as follows:

Convection Microwave

The Convection Microwave Oven can be used for baking as well as cooking. It is the most innovative type among the microwave oven.

You can cook and bake different foods using these ovens. This ovens are all in one package and helps in preheating, cooking, frying as well as baking. The Convectional Microwave ovens are the most efficient ovens among the all microwave ovens.

Solo Microwave

One of the simple microwave oven is Solo Microwave Oven which has all the basic functions inbuilt.

The Solo Microwave Oven do uniform distribution of heat and it can be used for basic cooking with all power level settings. Some of the Solo microwave ovens also come with preset menus that can be used to cook bake or fry things accordingly.

Grill Microwave

Grill ovens are quite useful as in grill mode there is a setting where metal rod is placed. It helps to keep the food near to the rods and make the microwave setting off.

Also it can be set in combined mode for various kinds of cooking like roasted/fried chicken. This oven can be used for both purpose, means, if you like grilled food enable grill mode or you can bake samosas, pizza, cake etc as per your needs under microwave settings.

Capacity Microwave Oven

Microwave capacity is measured in cubic litres, ranging from 13 litres to 42 litres. A typical family sized microwave is somewhere between 20 and 25L.

Capacity Microwave Oven

Microwave Features

Here are the main features of microwave ovens available in Indian market.

Microwave Feature

Auto Cook Menu

Once you select type of dish (code) along with its weight, the Auto Cook Menu feature will automatically set the power and cooking time.

Child Lock

Child lock system prevents your children from interfering the oven in between.


Defrost function helps to unfreeze food quickly. Using auto defrost function is quite easy. Input the frozen food’s weight and the oven will set the best time/program.


Rotisserie, the grilling accessory, comes with a few microwave ovens. It is useful for grilling items and barbecuing paneer, vegetables, meat and poultry.


Timer helps to end a cooking or heating program after a specified duration automatically. A beep sound indicates the program’s end.


Preheating is usually used before preparing cookies, cakes and certain recipes that use the grill function.

Microwave Panel Types

With a good control panel, it makes easy to use, from setting the timer to selecting a preset, it has full controls from the buttons.

Microwave Panel Types

With a good control panel, it makes easy to use, from setting the timer to selecting a preset, it has full controls from the buttons.

Microwave Panel Types
MechanicalLong Life Panel and Easy To Use It
Feature TouchTouchscreen Panel, Easy To Clean and Stylish Design
Tactile ButtonEasy To Set The Temp and Time, Jogs-wheel Controls

Microwave Ovens Safety Tips

  • Clean the exterior and interior after use
  • Do tot allow children to operate the Microwave
  • Use ovens mitts as vessels become hot in the Microwave
  • Do not use metallic cookware with metallic edges
  • Do not operate the Microwave when it is empty
  • Use Microwave safe cookware like glass ceramic, plastic and paper

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