Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide | Factors You Must Consider

Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide | Factors You Must Consider

We brought here Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide based on important factors that you must prefer while buying like technology used, its type, inbuild features, capability & efficiency, top brands & much more.

Best Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide

The front-loading washing machines are preferred by the international community whereas the top-loading ones are preferred by people in India.

Most people in India wash clothes in the semi-automatic machines. These are top-loading washing machines. It is a kind of adaptable situation and comfort zone.

Secondly, front-loading washing machines use less water in comparison to the top-loading ones is an added advantage. The latest washing machines have the extra added feature of heating water before the wash. Therefore, Front Load washing machines consume less power because of less water consumption.

Drying of clothes in the front-loading machines are more pronounced. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the front-loading washing machines before taking the decision to purchase one.

Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Taking The Decision To Purchase One

Front Load Washing Machine Features

Benefits of Front-Loading Washing Machine

  1. Front-loading machines are attraction quotient, score very high with their chrome accents and glass doors.
  2. These machines come in larger capacities allowing you to wash like comforters and other bulky items.
  3. These Machines do not have agitators/impellers in the washtub. This gives you greater space and gentle washing actions.
  4. There is some space on top of the machines for stacking the dryers.
  5. As far as performance and fabric is taken care these machines are run excellent.

Front Loading Washing Machine Capacity

Specified in kilograms, capacity typically ranges from 5-10 kg per cycle.

Front Loading Washing Machine Capacity

Why Front Load is better than Top load Washing machine?

Diversely speaking, two types of washing machines are there: 1. Top loading and 2. Front loading. Most of thepeople will recommend you to buy the top-loaders. This is because:

(a) Easy to load into it.
(b) Much cheaper than the front-loading counterparts.

But go for the front-loaders! Why? Because one-time invest in washing machines is done for longer stability. Addition to the complement, the front-loader is all-around better solution in the long run.

Cost is more, No Doubt! but this initial cost will be offset by the money which is going to be saved in the coming years. As compared to top-loaders, they are more durable (maintenance cost negligible), energy-efficient (power saver), water-efficient and a better cleaning facility with added features.

So don’t waste your money on the top-lid loading washing machines and go for the front load washing machines ad they are more durable and long-lasting and if you are willing to purchase one, directly click on the link above.

Washing Machine Technology

So let us come to the extra added features and technology used in the latest washing machines

Inverter Technology: Inverter technology saves electricity. Ideally, the motor of a washing machine is designed so that it operates efficiently on a fixed load. Inverter Technology washing machine allows the motor to run at a variable speed required by the load. Inverter technology washing machines come with sensors that detect the load of the machine and the motor is run accordingly without any kind of fluctuations.

Wash Programs: Customized the wash programs to suit different needs like kid wash, daily wash, silk wash, heavy wash, cotton wash and more.

Drum Capacity: The larger the drum size, the more clothes can be washed in a cycle. Usually a 7-8kg machine works well for most households (see the table above for our sizing guide). If you are working with heavy loads of bed linen and towels quite frequently, a larger drum size could work better for you. These machines often include special programs for bulky loads of washing.

Direct Drive Technology: The direct drive (DD) technology saves electricity. Direct-Drive technology washing machines do not have like gears and belts. This removal of the moving parts eliminates friction and thus saves electricityNoise reduction is also a benefit. This gives the machine a bulky look which is only a single drawback.

Washing Machine Exciting Features

Washing Machine Exciting Features

Best Washing machine brands in India

  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • IFB
  • LG
  • Haier
  • Boash
  • Videocon
  • Panasonic
  • Godrej

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