5 Best Window AC Reviews in Jhansi, India

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Best Window AC Reviews in Jhansi, India

We present here list of Best Window AC based on its reviews, specification, type, pros, cons, top brands, buyer’s guide & much more.

The most common type of Air-Conditioner seen in Jhansi households is the Window AC. The window AC is installed in the window of the office or residence, as the name suggests. Lots of variants are there in the Jhansi market, which makes choosing the best is one of the difficult tasks.

Since there are varieties present, it creates a lot of difficulty for the buyer to purchase a suitable window AC for their residence. Here we will give you the Best Window AC present in Jhansi, India, by providing you with the best we have in our list to overcome the situation of difficulty.

We have considered more than 20 models, researched them for 120 hours, and also have consulted our experts in order to get to the list of window Air-Conditioners in Jhansi, India. All the crucial factors like efficiency, cooling capacity, modes, power consumption, etc. Purchasing a window Ac is a one-time investment, so we have also taken reviews from the existing users of the brand too. So, if you wish to purchase one, you can simply click on the link above.

Top 5 Window AC in Jhansi, India – Reviews

Introduction to Split AC in the market degrades the users of Window AC and purchasing it is not a fashion anymore. The peculiarities associated with the base-users are still intact, as the product fits the need of many users. Split AC as well as window AC, both have their pros and cons which depends on the consumer’s usability.

If the user is familiar with the market, it is quite easy to get the beneficial features at the lowest prices. Here, we have provided you the Top Best 5 Window AC based upon the price, features, power consumptions, warranty, etc to ease your effort of purchase. Therefore, if you wish to purchase one, you can simply click on the link above.

1. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Voltas Window AC comes first in our list. It is one of the hottest selling brands in the Jhansi market because of its high efficiency and price worthy.

Voltas, a brand comes with a 1.5 tonnage capacity suitable for small to medium-sized with its cooling capacity of 5000 Watts. This window AC consumes around 1650 Watts electricity. Its rating is 3 stars, so a decent power saving can be done. An LED Display is on the front of the Ac to display the temperature, fitted with a silver nano filter and an anti-bacterial filter to deliver fresh air. Other usual features like ON/OFF timer, auto-restart facility are present.

It also comes with a self-diagnose facility, as if an error occurs, it will prompt you so that you can call a technician. This Air-Conditioner comes with 100% copper condenser, which makes it durable and also provides better cooling. An added advantage of purchasing this product is that it can bear up to 50 degrees of temperature, providing decent cooling.

Voltas Window AC Key Features

  • ACTIVE DEHUMIDIFIER: Cooling and dehumidification with Sensing the indoor humidity.
  • HIGH AMBIENT COOLING: Give you decent cooling even at 50°C.
  • 100% COPPER: Copper condenser makes it more durable & functional.
  • TURBO COOLING: Turbo Cooling mode for instant cooling.
  • SELF-DIAGNOSIS: Errors and failures are self-checked by the AC.
  • SLEEP MODE: By cutting excessive cooling and less power consumption, thus maintaining comfort.
  • ECO MODE: Saving your electricity bills and power.
  • FILTRATION ADVANTAGE: It removes allergens, dust, odours, and harmful particles.
Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Voltas Window AC Technical Specification

Type of ACWindow
Capacity1.5 Ton
Model185DZA R32
Cooling Capacity5000 W
Dimension66W x 43H x 77.5D
Coil MaterialCopper
Star Rating5 Star BEE Rating
Power Consumption1649 W
RemoteLCD Remote
LED DisplayNo
Weight55 kg
Warranty1 Year for Product & 5 Years for Compressor
Super-Fast CoolingNo Timer On/Off Mode
Very Low NoiseNo Key Led Back Light
Multiple Modes To Control Temperature
Almost All Control Keys On AC Unit
Turbo Mode For Fast Cooling
Easy Installation

Amazon Offers Following Facilities on this Product

  • 10 days Replacement
  • Exchange Offer
  • No Cost EMI
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Free Delivery
  • 100% Purchase Protection

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2. Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Blue Star Window AC is one of the Top Brands in the Jhansi market. Their products are extensive and are of high quality and durability. This window AC has a 1 Tonnage capacity for small-medium sized rooms. Its cooling capacity is 3250 Watts. Power consumption is around 1160 Watts. It is a 3 star rated window AC with instant cooling.

It has also usual features like sleep mode, timer, auto-restart, anti-bacterial, anti-dust filters, glow buttons, air-swing facility, etc. This Window AC provides powerful cooling and cools your room in less than 15 minutes. Besides other features, it also has a display on the front, which displays the temperature.

Overall, if you are searching for a power-efficient window AC below RS.25000, it is a great choice under the same budget. So if you wish to purchase one for your home or office, you can simply click on the link above.

Blue Star Window AC Features

  • ANTI-FREEZE THERMOSTAT: The Anti-Freeze Thermostat is a safety feature in the indoor coil which freezes the compressor, thus protecting the power unit.
  • AUTO RESTART FUNCTION: The Auto Restart facility is useful in case of a power cut.
  • SLEEP MODE: The Comfort Sleep mode senses the variation of the inside temperatures and adjusts automatically.
  • SELF-DIAGNOSIS: Inbuilt a unique ‘Self-diagnosis’ facility that alerts you if a fault occurs.
  • DUST FILTER: The Dust Filter traps minute dust particles to breathe healthily.
Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Blue Star Window AC Specification

Type of ACWindow
Capacity1.5 Ton
Cooling Capacity4900 W
Coil MaterialCopper
Star Rating3 Star BEE Rating 2018
Power Consumption1685 W
Weight55 kg
Warranty1 Year on the Product & 5 Years on the Compressor
Excellent Build QualityNone
Antifreeze Thermostat Feature
Fast Cooling And Less Noise

Amazon Offers Following Facilities on this Product

  • 10 Days Replacement
  • Exchange Offer
  • No Cost EMI
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Standard Installation
  • 100% Purchase Protection

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3. Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Hitachi 5 Star Window AC is one of the unique and most powerful brands in the Jhansi Air Conditioner market. It comes with a cooling capacity of 1-ton, efficient for a small-sized room. this Air-Conditioner is power-efficient with 5-Star BEE Rating which consumes 15% less power than other 5-Star rating air-conditioners.

Hitachi Window Air conditioner comes with a copper coil, long-lasting material with low maintenance costs required. Its cooling capacity is around 3500 Watts with Auto-Climate technology, which regulates the inner room temperature. It is more efficient in power saving.

Hitachi Air-Conditioner is fitted with Koukin Filter which prevents bacterial growth to ensure hygiene and clean air. It also has an indicator that indicates when the filter should be cleaned. It has features like Dry Mode, Power Mode, Auto-Saver Mode which can be utilized depending on the requirements. So if you wish to purchase this product, you can click on the above link and can avail of the facility.

Hitachi Window AC Features

  • ON/OFF TIMER: This AC automatically set the desired room temperature during a specific time.
  • DRY MODE: Decreases humidity by cooling the room.
  • AUTO RESTART: Starts working automatically when the power cuts.
  • FILTER CLEAN INDICATOR: It indicates you when to clean the filter for healthy air.
  • 3 QUALITY TESTS: 3 high standard tests ensure that it matches with the international standards and specifications.
  • POWERFUL MODE: The fan speed is relatively high which cools down the room instantly.
Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Hitachi Window AC Technical Specification

Type of ACWindow
Model NoRAW511KUD
Capacity1.5 Ton
Cooling Capacity3500 W
Dimension660 X 430 X 755 mm
Coil MaterialCopper
Star Rating5 Star BEE Rating
Power Consumption1030 W
Weight63 kg
Warranty1 Year on the Product & 4 Years on the Compressor
Auto Climate TechnologyHigh-Price
Auto Fan Speed
Innovative Twin Motor Technology
Strong Build Quality
Auto-Mode Feature Of Heating And Cooling

Amazon Offers Following Facilities on this Product

  • 10 Days Replacement
  • Exchange Offer
  • No Cost EMI
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • 100% Purchase Protection

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4. Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Godrej 1.5 Tonn Window Air-conditioner not only cools you but also the planet. It comes with R32 refrigerant causes “zeroozone depletion and global warming. It has a higher capacity to power consumption with the synergy of eco-friendly, energy efficiency and cooling.

This energy-efficient 1.5-ton air conditioner offers a wide cooling capacity of 5100 W and power consumption of 1500 Watts. It has well-built features with dry mode to get rid of excess humidity. It is great in the monsoon season when the humidity level is relatively high.

Sleep mode features save electricity and give you a comfortable sleep. It also increases the temperature slightly for sound sleep. A display is embedded on the front side to display the temperature. It has a remote-sensing feature to control the functionalities. So if you wish to purchase this product, you can click on the link above.

Godrej Window AC Features

  • POWERFUL COOLING: With Godrej 2019 model Air conditioner experience powerful cooling.
  • COPPER CONDENSER: 100% copper condenser makes the product more durable.
  • PRECISE COOLING: It uses an inverter technology compressor, for precise cooling.
  • SILENT OPERATION: It comes with an Acoustic jacket(Multi-Layered) for blocking the noise.
  • WARRANTY: Comes with 5 Year Warranty on compressor.
Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Godrej Window AC Specification

Type of ACWindow
Capacity1.5 Ton
Cooling Capacity4950 W
Dimension660 x 430 x 770 mm
Coil MaterialCopper
Star Rating5 Star BEE Rating
Power Consumption1196 W
Weight60 kg
Warranty1 Year on Product and 7 Years on Compressor
5 Star Energy EfficiencyNone
Cooling Very Fast Without Noise
Design Looks Good Too
Anti-Dust Filter

Amazon Offers Following Facilities on this Product

  • 10 Days Replacement
  • Exchange Offer
  • No Cost EMI
  • Standard Installation
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • 100% Purchase Protection

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5. Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Lloyd 1.5 Ton Window AC is also a well-known brand in the Jhansi Market with 3 Star Rating. This air-conditioner has a Cooling Capacity of 4900 Watts. With other functionalities, this AC has copper coils which makes it durable and long-lasting. This 3 start AC consumes 15% more energy than a 5-star AC.

This Window AC comes with some incredible features like Auto-Start, sleep mode facility and automatic temperature adjuster for comfort cooling. The auto-start feature enables the compressor to start exactly where it stops as the temperature goes up.

This window AC comes with Anti-Bacterial filter, self-diagnose feature for internal problems if indicated by the product. So if you wish to purchase this product, you can click on the above link and avail the facility.

Lloyd Window AC Features

  • STRONG DEHUMIDIFICATION: With inverter technology, strong dehumidification can be done with perfect and effective cooling.
  • SELF-DIAGNOSIS: The Self-Diagnosis feature helps to detect the errors and indicate it on the LEDs and protect the product from further damage.
  • 100% COPPER: 100% copper is used for better durability and fast flow of the refrigerant and a resistant to corrosion.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 5-year warranty to the compressor.
Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Lloyd Window AC Specification

Type of ACWindow
Capacity1.5 Ton
Model NoLW19B32EW
Cooling Capacity4900 W
Coil MaterialCopper
Star Rating3 Star BEE Rating 2019
Power Consumption1676 W
Weight52 kg
Warranty1 Year on Product & 5 Years on Compressor
Auto Restart FunctionSometime It’s Noise
Feature Rich Air Conditioner
Easy To Install
Cooling Is Great

Amazon Offers Following Facilities on this Product

  • 10 Days Replacement
  • Exchange Offer
  • No Cost EMI
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • 100% Purchase Protection

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Buying Guide for Window AC

Understanding the usage and the importance of air-conditioners as the users stretch searching the best air-conditioners when it comes to picture. We are going to provide you the buying guide which offers some kind of relief. So here are some factors which one should consider before buying a suitable air-conditioner.

Here are the factors like cooling capacity, power consumption, cooling effect per tonnage, etc to help you with the best AC you can purchase in your budget. If you wish to purchase one, you can directly click on the link above. Here we go…

The first step if you have decided a Window AC is characterized below.

Buying Guide for Window AC

Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are the commonly used air conditioners for a single room. The main components like the compressor, condenser, expansion/throttling valve or coil, evaporator, and the cooling coil are embedded in a single box with slots provided.

Window Air Conditioner Capacity

The capacity of cooling can be quite difficult for a large room. So the choice depends on you. Moreover, large-sized air-conditioners cool room quite fast, but consumes a lot of power, whereas smaller ACs cools the room a bit late and consume more power.

So purchasing should be done in quite an efficient manner. Like you can buy 1 tonnage capacity air-conditioner for small and medium-sized rooms whereas 1.5 tonnage capacity air-conditioners for large-sized rooms.

Capacity is one of the important factors when buying an Air-Conditioner. Please note down the below categorization by assuming a height of 8 feet.

Window Air Conditioner Capacity

Energy Star Rating

The air-conditioner must be energy-efficient which consumes less power and saves your money. Its compressor material should be good enough for the long run. So copper material compressors are regarded as the best material over aluminum ones as they are more energy-efficient.

Rating Annual Charges (₹)Annual Savings (₹)
1 Star 30660 2190
2 Star284704380
3 Star 26280 6570
4 Star240908760
5 Star2190010950

Power Consumption

Air-Conditioners with high star ratings can cost you a bit more but it benefits you with lesser energy consumption and saves your money.

Air-Conditioners star ratings range from 1 to 5 stars. Higher the star rating, the lower will be the power consumption.

Window AC Budget

Air-Conditioners were considered as a luxury product a few years ago. But because of the rising global warming and climate change, it has become a necessity for every individual. As the demand rises, nowadays one can easily purchase an AC at affordable and reasonable prices.

1 Ton20K25K
1.5 Ton25K35K
2 Ton30K40K

Benefits of Window AC

  1. Economical and at affordable price than Split AC
  2. Much easier to install as compared to Split AC.
  3. It doesn’t occupy the internal wall space as compared to Split AC.

Aluminum or Copper

Air Conditioners give a sigh of relief in the summer season. But the decision to purchasing a comfortable air-conditioner with the highest comfort level is quite difficult. Apart from all the other factors determining the type of air conditioner, there are some pros and cons between the usage of Aluminum or Copper condenser. Let us have a look.

The following table showcases each various Pros & Cons of both.

Aluminium or Copper

Other Requirements For Window AC

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cooling Capacity
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio
  • Drainage
  • Noise
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Safety And Security
  • Installation Type
  • Maintenance

FAQ about Window AC

What size window air conditioner do I need?

Before ordering your window air conditioner, it is necessary to measure the window to make sure that the device is not too big or too small, and that it will suit your room perfectly. Incorrectly sized units will contribute to room-wide moisture permeating through the cracks and inefficient cooling. This will cause the appliance to operate more than it should, and will obviously lead to higher energy bills.

The acronym BTU is used throughout the Home Air Quality market and helps to detect the ability of each appliance to cool or heat a particularly large room. For rooms up to 250 square feet. Ft., window air conditioning units with 7,000-8,000 BTU are recommended. However, spaces ranging from 300–425 square metres. Ft. would be better suited to a unit with approximately 10,000—12,000 BTUs of cooling power. Larger rooms ranging from 425 to 525 square feet. Ft. would require a window air conditioner with approximately 14,000 BTU of cooling power.

Where should I install my window AC

The AC Window should be installed at a height of 5 feet behind the user. The air draft from the air conditioner should not have a direct impact on the user.

Window air conditioners are designed to fit inside double-hung windows. Before buying, be sure to measure the inside of the installation window. Most window air conditioners come with a kit that includes everything you need for installation. It is also important to place the window air conditioner. Installing it in a shaded window will help to extend the life of the unit. The window facing north is going to have the most shade. The area should also be properly covered

What are the benefits of a Window AC?

Window air conditioners have many advantages, making them a popular option for many homes , apartments and offices:

Cost – Window air conditioners are affordable for you! Not only do they cost less to buy, they ‘re energy efficient, and they’re not going to run up your utility bills.

Easy Installation – They do not need a professional HVAC to for installation. It can be done with two people in a very short time. Window air conditioners do not require any major structural changes to your space.

Supplemental Cooling – If there’s a hot spot where the AC doesn’t cool down enough, a window air conditioner is a great option. Especially in the bedrooms during the height of the summer, the addition of a window unit can be a simple and efficient solution.

Portability – Since the installation process is so simple, if you move homes, apartments or offices, you can take the air conditioner with you. There’s also a way to move it to another room in your home.

What are some other useful points to keep in mind when buying an AC?

Various types of filters available in an AC, such as a biofilter and a catch filter, which traps dust particles, mites and eliminates bacteria and viruses, should be considered. The air inhaled is therefore pure and healthy.

Most air-conditioning units also have a dehumidifier, which reduces the humidity of the air, making it cooler and more comfortable.

One should also check noise level, which usually ranges from 30-60 decibels.

The sleep mode of the AC is an intelligent feature, as it automatically adjusts the temperature during the night so that it is comfortable throughout the night.

Auto restarts the facility to help restore the original setting after a power failure.

With a timer in the AC, users can turn it on or off on schedule.

How often are filters to be cleaned?

Cleaning of filters depends on the frequency of use and the atmospheric conditions. It is recommended that the filter be cleaned once in 15 days for normal applications.

In addition, the AC should be serviced once in 3-4 months for optimum performance and longer machine life.

Will energy star-rated models save money?

Yes , yes! Energy Star models will save about 30% of your utility costs. Due to strict energy efficiency guidelines, the Energy Star rated models will operate more resourcefully and consume less energy over the lifetime of the unit.

To what distance will a Window AC throw air?

The normal Window AC or Split AC will throw up to 15 feet of air. However, special split units are available to throw up to 30 feet of air.

Which is the best air conditioner brand?

It is not difficult to find the best-suited air conditioner on the market. Generally, the likely owners of the air conditioner want the machine to have a shorter time to cool down, consume less power, and operate quietly. The AC user also wants the machine to restart after power cut as it has been set by the user and does not go to default mode after every power cut. The purchaser may also need after-sales services, the easy availability of its service centers and feedback from customers in this context must be made known before a final purchase decision is taken. It is advisable to do some research to understand the need for the most suitable air conditioner available on the market.

Can I install the window air conditioner myself?

They have an easy-to-use installation. It helps save money for a quick cooling process. Once you have chosen the perfect location, you can easily fit your AC window. When installing your AC, make sure to consider the manual.

Can I use perfumes with my air conditioner?

While perfumes create a good atmosphere, they should be used cautiously, as some people may be allergic to them.

The best way to keep the foul smell out is to open windows and use fans to bring a lot of fresh air before the AC starts. Keeping the AC room clean is also equally important. It is equally important to 
keep the AC room clean.

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