5 Best Washing Machine | Expert Reviews | Buyer’s Guide | FAQs | Top Brand

5 Best Washing Machine | Expert Reviews | Buyer’s Guide | FAQs | Top Brand

Best Washing Machine in India

We present here list of best Washing Machine in India 2020 based on their comprehensive reviews, full specification, pros, cons, buyer’s guide & top brands.

We, as a consumer, always try to find out ‘Best Washing Machine in India‘. Why not we investigate as washing machine is a long-term one time investment for every Indian home. That is why, in this post, we are trying to bring you the top 10 best washing machine segregated by fully automatic, semi-automatic, top load and front load.

We have presented here the best possible data based on complete comprehensive reviews on different brand available in our Indian market. Also we will discuss about major factors to be considered while buying a best washing machine for your home.

Problems that overwhelm you!

May be, You feel it a tough task to select best washing machine for your home. There are variety of options available in our Indian market. The number of different models can disturb your thought while selecting a good product for your home. However, after going through this guide, you will be able to clear all of your doubts and can make the right choice.

You can find here Top Brands in Washing Machine and The Best Washing Machine Brands in India. Please read till the end For the Buying Guide and to know more about Latest Technologies in Washing Machines in India.

Top 5 Best Washing Machine in India (2020)

However, before going into the details of the washing machine buying guide, we shall point out some of the top washing machine brands trending in Indian market nowadays.

Here are a Top 5 Washing Machine Brands with full specification

1. Samsung 6.2 Kg Top Load Washing Machine Diamond Drum

Samsung 6.2Kg (WA62M4100HY/TL), one of the top leading model, harness the power of the wind to speed up drying time and keep your clothes in good condition. By adding air vents and boosting the typical spin cycle, its Air Turbo Drying System minimizes the moisture within your clothes.

Your clothes lightweight fabrics can even be ironed right from the washer! Samsung 6.2Kg (WA62M4100HY/TL) improved air circulation created by the Air Turbo vents not only helps to dry your clothes, but also it dries the washer tub to minimize mildew growth between loads, that keeps your clothing condition and your health on top. So it can be a good choice if you select it.

Samsung Top Load Washing Machine Diamond Drum

Samsung 6.2Kg (WA62M4100HY/TL) – Top Load Washing Machine Diamond Drum washes your clothes gently without damaging any fabric. It helps your clothes to have a longer life and maintain its shining, color print for long time.

Samsung Diamond Drum Washing Machine Specification

Washing CapacityWashing Capacity (kg)
6.2 kg
DesignBody colorDoorPanel Display
Imperial SilverPM GrayRed LED
FeatureAir TurboAuto RestartChild LockDrum type
YesYesYesDiamond Drum
Tempered Glass WindowWater LevelPulsatorMagic Filter
Yes5 LevelsCenter JetYes
CycleAdditional CycleBlanketDelicateEco Tub Clean
Normal, Quick Qash, Soak+NormalYesYesYes
Number of Cycle
Physical specificationNet Dimension (WxHxD)Net WeightGross Dimension (WxHxD)Gross Weight
540 x 906 x 568 mm30.5 kg572 x 988 x 629 mm34 kg
Voltage/FrequencyDrum Material
Warranty Policy24 months Warranty
Stylish LooksNo Water Heater
Good Build QualityInstallation Delays/Issues
Stainless Steel Wash Drum
Stainless Steel Wash Drum
Waterfall Wash
Magic Filter
Dryer with Air Turbo

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2. Whirlpool Superb Atom 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (Dark Grey)

Whirlpool Superb Atom 7 Kg Semi-Automatic washing machine stand tall and scrub without the painful bending. Its flow back design helps water and detergent to flow back to the wash tub.

During sudden power cuts, it remembers where it stopped and starts again from the exact same position when the power is back. Its control panel is smartly structured and designed to be being protected from water seeping anywhere inside.

The Super-efficient 340w motor that is very powerful and roll the clothes in all possible directions giving a thorough cleaning without damaging the fabric of the clothes.

Whirlpool Superb Atom 7 Kg Semi-Automatic washing machine tray helps you to sort and carry dry clothes. A very special vent helps the water to flow back into the wash tub. Its Impeller generates perfect motion for clothes to remove dirt effectively and efficiently. This can be a very good choice if you go for it.

Whirlpool Superb Atom Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Whirlpool Superb Atom 7 Kg Full Specification

Capacity (kg)7Net Quantity1 N
Wash SystemImpellerBody TypeHi-Fiber
No. of Wash Programs3Spin Motor (Watts)150 W
Wash Timer (min)15Wash Motor (Watts)340 W
Dynamic Soak / TimeYes / 25minMaximum Spin Speed (rpm)1450
Spin Time5 mins  
Smart HandleN/A  
Multi-Utility TrayYesDimensions (w*d*h) in cm79x49x89
Work SurfaceYes
Extendable Spin LidNo
Big WheelsN/A
Turbo dryN/A
Spin ShowerYes
Lint FilterYes
Auto Re-StartYes
Easy Use PanelYes
Warranty(2 + 3) year
Pros Cons
Ace Wash Station to Add to Your Convenience No Facility for a Hot Water Wash
Lint Filter to Eliminate Lint Does not have the Comfort and Convenience of a Full-Automatic Machine
Scrubber to Ensure Proper Washing of Your Clothes

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3. LG 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (Dark Grey)

LG P7020NGAY 7 Kg Semi-Automatic washing machine puts technology to best use with its recent range of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines which are really amazing.

LG P7020NGAY model has a 3 mm very strong plastic cover with rat repellent chemical that make sure any harm done to your washing machine is minimized and thereby enhancing the its durability and performance to give you the best class experience.

Wind Jet Dry reduces remaining moisture on clothes and inside of machine by Spin tub rotating at very high RPM, air that comes into the tub is circulated inside at high speed which removes water. This model can be proved to be one of the good selection that you made so far.

LG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

LG Washing Machine Technical Specifications

Wash Capacity (kg)Spin Tub Capacity (kg)Star Rating
75.54 Star
PulsatorRat Away FeatureWash Programs
NormalYesGentle, Normal, Strong
No: of Wash ProgramsControl MethodWash Timer (min)
Wind Jet DrySpin Timer (min)Lint Collector
Unidirectional WheelCollar ScrubberWash Window
Spin WindowColorRust Free Plastic Base
NoDark GrayYes
Spin ShowerMotor WarrantyDimensions (Wx D x H) mm
Yes5 Years805 x 478 x 975
Pros Cons
3+1 Wash Programs Makes a sound
Lint Collector Does not have Magic Filter
Collar Scrubber
Roller Jet Pulsator
Rat Away Technology

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4. IFB 6.5 kg Aqua Top Loading Washing Machine (Aqua Sparkling Silver)

IFB 6.5 kg TL- RDS takes care of your clothes very well. It is one of the latest top load washing machine from IFB that gives you the advantage of Deep Clean, Aqua Energy and Aqua Spa Therapy.

This is a very good combination with Smart Sense that makes it an efficient washing machine for your laundry perfect wash while saving water and power consumption. It can be a good choice for your home in your budget.

IFB Aqua Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB Aqua Technical Specifications

Net Weight35Lint Tower FilterYes
Dimension (WxDxH-mm)570 x 590 x 950Bubble LevelerYes
Spin Speed (Rpm)720Tub DryYes
Water Inlet TemperatureColdAir DryYes
Water Consumption(L)104High Low Voltage ProtectionYes
Maximum Connected Load360 (Watts)Program Memory BackupYes
Power SupplyAC  220 – 240/ 50HzAuto Imbalance SystemYes
Water Pressure0.3 bar to 8 barChild LockYes
DisplayLED Display ScreenWarranty4 Years
Body ColorSparkling SilverWash Programs6
Top Panel ColourSparkling SilverSmart SenseYes
Inner TubStainless SteelExpress WashYes
Time DelayYesAqua ConserveYes
Pros Cons
Easy To Use IFB Technicians Issue
Regulated Movement

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  • 10 days, Replacement Only
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5. LG 6.5KG Top Load Fully Automatic Washer with Air Dry System

Smart Inverter system is an energy saving technology that makes this model different from other washing machine and helps it to stand alone in the market for consumers. It reduces waste operations by efficiently controlling uses of power and energy.

It has revolutionary water proof motor that doesn’t corrode and is the most perdurable one in its league. Smart Motion that is combined with TurboDrum™ and precisely Smart Inverter control upgrades the way it washes and delivers better performance.

Why we are saying Smart Motion because it has 3 kinds of tub movements controlled by Smart Inverter that delivers enhanced washing performance with better care of your clothes. So you can go for it if you think of purchasing something that is in your budget and long lasting.

LG Top Load Fully Automatic Washer Washing Machine

LG Air Dry System Technical Specifications

General Specifications Highlights 
ColourMiddle Free Silver/Deep BrownCapacity (Kg)6.5
Turbo DrumYesSmart Inverter TechnologyYes
3-StepYesInner TubStainless Steel
PulsatorPunch+3Air DryYes
ProgramPre Wash+ NormalTurbo DrumYes
Special ProgramsQuick Wash, StrongPulsatorPunch+3
Air DryYes3-Step WashYes
Health+FilterYesSmart DiagnosisYes
Fuzzy Logic ControlYesFuzzy Logic ControlYes
Turbo SoakYesDigital DisplayYes
Hot/Cold Water InletColdDimensions540 x 540 x 870
Water level Selection10
Memory BackupYes
Digital DisplayYes
Delay Start (Hrs)Yes (3~18 Hr)
Child LockYes
Auto Balance SystemYes
Window(Glass Type)Transparent
Pros Cons
Smart Inverter Technology No Water Heater Feature
Quick Wash
Smart Cleaning

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Top 5 Front Load Washing Machine in India 2020

Here is the list of Top 5 best front load washing machines in India (2020). You can make a right selection here based on specification.

1LG Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 8.0 kgFront Load Check at Amazon
2IFB Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine 8.0 kgFront LoadCheck at Amazon
3Voltas Beko Inverter Fully-Automatic 7.0 KgFront Load Check at Amazon
4Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 6.0 kgFront Load Check at Amazon
5Bosch Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 7.0 kgFront Load Check at Amazon

Top 5 Top Load Washing Machines in India 2020

Check the list of Best 5 Top Load washing machines in India (2020). You can make right selection based on given specification here.

1LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 8.0 kgTop LoadCheck at Amazon
2Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 6.5 KgTop LoadCheck at Amazon
3IFB TL-RDW Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 6.5 KgTop LoadCheck at Amazon
4Whirlpool Inbuilt Washing Machine 7.5 kgTop LoadCheck at Amazon
5Bosch WOE654W0IN Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 6.2 kgTop LoadCheck at Amazon

Top 5 Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India 2020

We have listed here Top 5 Best Semi-Automatic washing machines in India (2020). check the price and specification for top models here.

1Whirlpool SUPERB ATOM 70S Washing Machine7.0 KgTop LoadCheck At Amazon
2LG P7020NGAY Semi-Automatic Washing Machine7.0 KgTop LoadCheck At Amazon
3Samsung WT72M3000HP/TL Semi-Automatic Washing Machine7.2 KgTop LoadCheck At Amazon
4Godrej GWS 6203 PPD Semi-Automati Washing Machine6.5 KgTop LoadCheck At Amazon
5Panasonic NA-W70G4RRB Semi-Automatic Washing Machine7.0 KgTop LoadCheck At Amazon

Ultimate Buying Guide For Best Washing Machine in India (Mar 2020)

We present here Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Washing Machine in India (Mar 2020) based on technology, type, features, capability & brand. Read till the end to make right decision before purchasing one.

We will now look at the various features that usually encounter when you step in the market to buy a washing machine. This buying guide will help you to clear all your doubts. There are a few important factors that decides whether a washing machine is efficient and great or not.

Types Of Washing Machine

  1. Semi-Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Front Load Washing Machine
  3. Top Load Washing Machine
Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

A Semi-Automatic Washing Machine is quite economical. It uses less power and water. It consist of 3-4 wash programs. It performs both functions; washing and drying .

Front Load Washing Machine

Front Load Washing Machine

Front Load Washing Machine is known as most advanced category of washing machines. It offers range of features and are easy to load the cloths through transparent door at the front.

Top Load Washing Machine

Top Load Washing Machine

A fully automatic top load washing machine is convenient to use. It comes in affordable range. It comes with 10-15 wash program. It does not require any manual intervention. Everything is done in a sequence after push of a button.

Some Other Washing Machines Types

  • Fully Automatic Top Load
  • Fully Automatic Front Load
  • Washer Only
  • Dryer Only
  • Washer Dryer

Washing Machine Capacity

Capacity is the first thing that you have to consider depending on your needs. In most of the families the person number is between 2-5. A general rule says 5-6 kg of the washing machine is good for a family which has 1-3 person and for a family of 4-6 person 6-8 kg capacity of the washing machine works well.

Washing Machine Capacity

Washing Machine Wash Load

Most of the washing machines in India are launched with the capacity of 5kg – 10 kg. For a 2-3 member family, a 5 kg machine is sufficient. But for a big family high-capacity model would be needed. Each models specify their complete dimension in the specification sheet. We advise to read the specification sheet carefully and make proper space for keeping washing machine according to its size.

Make at least six inches space behind the washing machine for water hookups. One more important thing is to measure the dimension of your door to make sure washing machines can be taken easily inside your house comfortably without any problem.

Washing Machine Wash Load

Washing Machine Wash Programs

Wash programs eliminates manual and guesswork and allow you to pick the right wash treatment for your clothes.

Washing Machine Wash Programs

Washing Machine Technology

So let us come to the extra added features and technology used in the latest washing machines

Inverter Technology: Inverter technology saves electricity. Ideally, the motor of a washing machine is designed so that it operates efficiently on a fixed load. Inverter Technology washing machine allows the motor to run at a variable speed required by the load. Inverter technology washing machines come with sensors that detect the load of the machine and the motor is run accordingly without any kind of fluctuations.

Wash Programs: Customized the wash programs to suit different needs like kid wash, daily wash, silk wash, heavy wash, cotton wash and more.

Drum Capacity: The larger the drum size, the more clothes can be washed in a cycle. Usually a 7-8kg machine works well for most households (see the table above for our sizing guide). If you are working with heavy loads of bed linen and towels quite frequently, a larger drum size could work better for you. These machines often include special programs for bulky loads of washing.

Direct Drive Technology: The direct drive (DD) technology saves electricity. Direct-Drive technology washing machines do not have like gears and belts. This removal of the moving parts eliminates friction and thus saves electricityNoise reduction is also a benefit. This gives the machine a bulky look which is only a single drawback.

Washing Machine Exciting Features

  • Inverter Technology
  • Quick Wash Programs
  • Spin Speed
  • Drum Type
  • In Built Heater
  • LCD Display
  • The RPM
  • Heaters
  • Fuzzy Logic

Washing Machine Brands in India

  1. Whirlpool
  2. LG
  3. Godrej
  4. Bosch
  5. Videocon
  6. Haier
  7. IFB
  8. Onida
  9. Panasonic

FAQ about Washing Machine

What should I consider when buying a washing machine?

The key factors to look for when buying a washing machine are the speed of the spin power, quick wash, energy rating and noise level.

What are the different types of washing machines?

They can be categorized by the type of loading and automation. For loading, there are 2 types of washers-Front & Top Load. The two types of washing machines categorized according to the type of automation are fully automatic and semi-automatic machines.

What size of a washing machine should I choose?

You should choose a washer, depending on the size of your family. A minimum of 6 kg of washer is recommended for a bachelor, a couple or a small family of 3. For people with more than 4 family members, a washing machine of 8 to 10 kg is recommended.

How long does a washing-machine last?

A new washing machine has an estimated life expectancy of about 11 years. Experts recommend that after 9 years a washing machine be replaced, unless it comes from an ultra high-end brand or model.

Is an agitator or impeller better?

Impeller type washing machines are better because they are gentler on the clothes. The agitator type of washers can be rough and brutal on the clothes and can damage.

What does kg means in a washing machine?

The kg is the capacity of the washing tub. It means how much kg of clothes it can wash in a single cycle. For the fully automatic washing machines, the range varies from 5kg to 12kg. The machine shows an error when the limit is crossed or the minimum capacity limit is not reached.

What is the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machine?

All you have to do in an automatic washing machine is put the clothes in the tub and start the washing process with the touch of a button. After washing, the drying starts automatically in the same bathtub. However in the semi-automatic washing machine, you need to put the wet clothes to the spin-drying tub after the washing. There is also provision for the manual supply of water.

How much water is used by a fully automatic washing machine?

A modern and high-quality fully automatic washing machine consumes 60-70 liters of water for cleaning 6.5 kg clothes. However, a low-star rated fully automatic washing machine can consume as much as 130 liters of water per 6.5 kg of laundry.

Which one is better – top load or front load washing machine?

The front-load washing machine is definitely water and energy-efficient, and it saves detergent and drying is also more efficient. Therefore, a front load washing machine is better in comparison to top load. However, a top load washing machine is relatively less expensive having faster cycle timer, and also clothes can be added in the mid-cycle as well.

Which one I should choose – A Semi Or Fully Automatic Washing Machine?

It’s good if you buy a fully automatic washing machine. But you can also buy a semi-automatic washing machine if your budget is low.

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