5 Best Steam Irons Reviews in Kolhapur, India

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Best Steam Irons Reviews in Kolhapur, India

We present here list of Best Steam Irons in Kolhapur, India based on its reviews, specification, type, pros, cons, top brands, buyer’s guide & much more.

Best Steam Iron in Kolhapur, India Review

Irons are the most common house-hold product and an important appliance especially when you have school-going kids and the press is necessary for their school uniforms daily. It is also used for ironing the office going adults.

Iron is bound as a necessary appliance for the working households if one can’t afford laundry on a regular routine basis. It always proves to be handy equipment.

So here we have bought you a list of Best Irons in Kolhapur, India which you can purchase in 2020. A lot of research has been taken, in order to provide you the best irons used and you can purchase it.

Some of the important factors which needed to be considered before looking at the available options.

Water Tank Capacity: It indicates the ironing of clothes per full tank.

Wattage: Higher wattage means quicker response and hotter the iron gets.

Soleplate Type: Determines the heat and steam distribution to iron out wrinkled clothes. Ceramic material and stainless steel are more versatile.

Weight Of The Iron: Lightweight for easy use.

Safety Features: Automatic shut off should be preferred after a period of inactivity.

Best Steam Iron in Kolhapur, India

Ironed clothes give a professional look and everybody wants it either one gives to the laundry or iron himself/herself. Most of the common households prefer to iron clothes at their home only by using a steam iron. It is the most common and important home appliance which saves time and money.
Here we are sharing the Top 5 Steam Irons available in Kolhapur, India.

If you are buying an iron for the very first time, there may create a lot of confusion between mass products available in the market in the various price ranges.

Here is the list we are providing for the Best Steam Irons. So if you wish to purchase one, you can simply click on the link above.

1. Philips Steam Iron (1440-Watt, GC1905)

Philips GC1905 Iron is budget-friendly as well as offers the best steam handling, a reliable soleplate, and an efficient design to iron the tricky areas of the cloth.

Philips Steam Iron with Spray function is a perfect Iron which is used in household activity and can be used by teenagers in ironing their uniforms. It gives the perfect crease-free look to the clothes with added spray advantage used for proper ironing of the clothes. Moreover, this iron is recommended for daily usage.

Philips Steam Iron Features

  • EASILY REMOVES CREASES: A fine mist is produced by the spray function that moistens the fabric evenly and easily iron out the creases.
  • FASTER SET-UP AND STORAGE: A huge hole is provided for fast filling the water tank and side opening door of the iron.
  • FASTER FROM START TO FINISH: It has a pointed tip, a huge hole for water filling and emptying with smooth-gliding soleplate.
Philips Steam Iron

Philips Steam Iron Technical Specifications

Model NumberGc1905/21
Weight Of Iron1.06 Kg
Wattage1,440 Watts
Voltage240 V
Frequency50 Hz
Dimensions26.1 X 11.5 X 13.6 Cm
Water Tank Capacity180 ml
Steam OutputYes
Warranty2 Years On Product
Good Quality Iron With Effective Ironing & SteamingSteam Weight Is Not Adequate
Body Is Solid With Good Finish Overall At This RangeWater Leakage Issues
Easy And Fast Filling Of The Tank Owing To The Huge Filling Hole
Easy Water Replenishment
Consumes Less Power
Temperature Control Knob
Long Cable With Swivel Joint At Iron
Capacity Of The Water Tank Is Sufficient

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  • 10 Days Returnable
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2. Morphy Richards Super Glide Steam Iron

Morphy Richards Super Handy Steam Iron not only saves time but also energy. It consumes 2000 wattage. It has a large water tank capacity, that could adjust 350 ml of water. It is embedded with 46 holes that could spray the steam with 11g/min rate, making the work faster and in an efficient manner.

The unique feature of this steam iron is its Vertical Steam feature. It helps to iron versatile clothes such as suits, jackets, etc. It certainly comes with a turbo spray boost facility to iron clothes which are having a lot of wrinkles. With the self-cleaning feature, it has the ability to clean itself automatically. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

So if you wish you to purchase one you can simply click on the link above and avail the facility.

Morphy Richards Features

  • 46 STEAM HOLES: A wider area of the cloth is covered.
  • 350 ML WATER TANK: The clear view indicating the filling of the iron tank while it is ON.
  • VERTICAL STEAMING FEATURE: This feature freshens garments like coat-pant and jackets, etc.
  • CERAMIC COATED SOLEPLATE: For smooth sliding over the fabric, ceramic coating soleplate is used for smooth sliding on the fabric to reduce and eliminate pulling and wrinkles.
Morphy Richards Super Glide Steam Iron

Morphy Richards Steam Iron Technical Specifications

Model NumberSuper Glide
Weight Of Iron1.4 Kg
Wattage2,000 Watts
Voltage230 V
Dimensions26.1 X 11.5 X 13.6 Cm
Water Tank Capacity350ml
Steam OutputYes
Warranty2 Years On Product
It’s Faster And Surprisingly It’s Easy To UseWater Leaks If Not Placed Upright When Not In Use
2000 Watts Means Even Linen Is Easy
Pointed Nose Is A Serious Help Not Just A Gimmick
Turbo Boost Feature That Disperses 150g/Min Of Steam
Self-Clean Technology

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  • 10 Days Returnable
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3. Black & Decker Steam Iron (BD BXIR2202IN, 2200 watts)

Black Decker Steam Iron is one of the best irons which comes with ceramic soleplate that is ideal for all types of clothes and suits. In this appliance, steam is formed in no seconds. It reduces and removes the wrinkles, revamping the clothes in no time. It is a high-quality device that promises convenience, durability and highly reliable delivery. The Black Decker Steam Iron gives a tough competition to the Philips Steam Iron which delivers almost the same features at a lesser price.

This home appliance comes with an attractive, stylish design and a dozen features. Unlike other steam iron, this appliance comes with a cord and cordless parameters. Ceramic material is coated in soleplates to distribute heat evenly. This iron has a 380 ml water capacity without the refilling demand.

Black & Decker Steam Iron Features

  • ANTI-DRIP FUNCTION: The Dripping of water is prevented by the Anti-Drip feature.
  • HIGHER WATTAGE, FASTER STEAMING: Black Decker Steam Iron comes with 2200 Wattage consumption leading to faster response to heat and production of steam.
  • SELF-CLEAN FUNCTION: It has a quick response to the Self-Clean Function.
  • ANTI-CALC FUNCTION: The Anti-Calc feature counters the Lime Scale formation which damages Clothes.
  • 380 ML WATER TANK: It comes with the 380 ML capacity.
  • CERAMIC SOLEPLATE: Even Heat Distribution with ceramic coating helps the fabric and removes creases.
Black & Decker Steam Iron

Black+Decker Steam Iron Technical Specifications

Model NumberBxir2202in
Weight Of Iron1.4 Kg
Wattage2200 Watts
Voltage220 – 240 Volts
Dimensions26.1 X 11.5 X 13.6 Cm
Water Tank Capacity380ml
Warranty2 Years On Product
The Anti-Drip Feature Makes Sure There Will Be No Water Leakage In Any FormSome Heavy
The Power Cord Is 3 Meters Big
The Steam Burst And Spray Functions Work Well Together For Difficult Areas
The Self-Clean Feature Reduces Your Workload
Large Water Tank
Quick Response To The Heat And Steam Formation

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  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Pay on Delivery
  • 10 Days Returnable
  • FREE Delivery
  • 100% Purchase Protection

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4. Havells Magnum Steam Iron (1840-Watt, Pink)

The Havells Magnum Steam Iron comes with a dual-sealed generator with an 1840 wattage. It gives a wonderful performance and spillproof inside it. It has a tank capacity of 300 ML. This appliance is sufficient to press/iron a small family.

Havells Magnum Steam Iron is very handy, groovy and comes with a soft grip that gives great comfort to your hands and to your fingers while ironing. The burst of the steam is vertical, so you don’t need to change the clothes position as this iron has also anti-scaling feature. Anti-Scaling features refer to the fact that this iron does not let any sediments or any kind of deposits on it. If by chance such occurs, the self-cleaning functionality will take care of these sediments.

So if you wish to purchase this beautiful appliance, you can simply click on the link above and enjoy the benefits of this product under the budget.

Havells Magnum Steam Iron Features

  • ANTI- SCALE FEATURE: The Anti-Scale feature of this iron prevents the deposits on it.
  • SELF-CLEANING FUNCTIONALITY: This iron has a self-dedicated self-cleaning option.
  • NON-STICK COATED SOLE PLATE: The surface of the iron is non-stick for proper functioning.
  • VARIABLE STEAM FUNCTIONALITY: The Iron comes with the essential control of the steam produced.
  • SOFT GRIP HANDLE: The Grip is soft and light-weight of this iron, thus tires you less.

Havells Steam Iron Technical Specifications

Model NumberMagnum
Weight of iron1.4 kg
Wattage1840 watts
Voltage220-240 volts
Frequency50 Hz
Electrical safetyYes
Dimensions26.1 x 11.5 x 13.6 cm
Water tank capacity300 ml
Warranty2 Years

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5. Bajaj Majesty MX 8 Steam Iron

Bajaj Majesty MX 8 Steam Iron guarantees a well-professional look when it comes to iron. It comes with a non-sticking coated soleplate for smooth running on the fabric. The fabric can be your Denim or rough ones. It better glides on both the surfaces. This Bajaj Majesty Steam Iron is easy to handle and use. This appliance comes with 1200 watt consumption of power with variable steam flow functionality. These special features make this steam iron an ideal one.

This appliance comes with a cool-touch body, water spray function which gives you a reason to enjoy the ironing process. This iron shuts off automatically when it reaches its maximum temperature for a particular set-up. In addition to these features, it also includes a self-cleaning system with an anti-calc feature with a translucent water tank body.

So, if you want to purchase this item under your budget, you can simply click in the link above.

Bajaj Majesty Iron Features

  • POWERFUL STEAM FUNCTIONS: The Iron has powerful steam bursts to eliminate creases and stubborn wrinkles.
  • NON-STICK SOLE PLATE: It comes with Non-Stick Soleplate which glides over the creases and wrinkles easily and makes the ironing smooth.
  • THERMAL FUSE: To prevent overheating, this iron has a Thermal Fuse. This helps to cut out the electric supply when the iron reaches its maximum temperature.
  • HIGH WATTAGE: This appliance consumes a high-power of 1200 Watts, which ensures the desired heating is achieved by the equipment at the instant and thus it saves your time.
Bajaj Majesty MX 8 Steam Iron

Bajaj Majesty Iron Technical Specifications

Model NumberMajesty Mx 8
Weight Of Iron1.4 Kg
Tank Capacity250 Ml
Wattage1200 W
Voltage220-240 Volts
Power Cord Length2.3 M
Steam Output18 Gms
No. Of Vents19
Warranty2 Years
30% Extra Long CordThe Control Knob For The Temperature Is Pretty Tough To Apply
19 Steam Vents For Uniform Steam Distribution
Powerful Burst Of Steam For Tough Creases
Light Weight, Cool Touch Body With Comfortable Rubber Grip
Self-Cleaning Facility For A Longer Life
Vertical Ironing To Cater To Hanging Clothes/Curtains

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  • Pay on Delivery
  • 10 Days Returnable
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  • 100% Purchase Protection

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Buying Guide Steam Irons in Kolhapur, India | Important Factors You must Consider

Basically there are 3 types of Irons available in Kolhapur, India. They are

  1. Steam Irons
  2. Dry Iron
  3. Travel Irons

In the olden days, most of the common house-hold irons were dry. This causes the ironing of jeans tougher. As the cloth of jeans needs some sprinkle of water before ironing. This point gets eliminated with the coming of steam irons. As the steam irons get filled with water in its tank embedded with the iron itself. With the combination of all these settings, the steam iron sprinkles water at regular intervals of time.

Iron Type Features
Dry Iron Holds good for silk fabrics and delicate stuff.
Not good for jeans, cotton, and wool.
Iron TypeFeatures
Steam Iron While ironing, it releases steam.
It is best for all types of clothes.
Effective and quick in releasing wrinkles.

Iron Soleplate Types In Kolhapur, India

Soleplate is regarded as the face of the iron. So, this is the first question which comes in the mind of an individual. Below points are the functions of the soleplate.

  • It evenly distributes the steam & the heat while ironing.
  • It is responsible for ironing in a smooth manner.
  • Good soleplates eliminate wrinkles on the fabrics.

Soleplate Types

Three types of broadly classified soleplates. They are:

  1. Non-stick soleplate
  2. Aluminum soleplate
  3. Ceramic soleplate
  4. Stainless steel soleplate(Not available in India)

Here we will elaborate on the various kind of soleplates and differences between them.

Aluminum soleplate Irons

Aluminum soleplate irons are not generally recommended because they glide with a little friction. It gets scratched easily and difficult to clean. In some of the cases, it is also found that aluminum irons become sticky after some time. But, because of its lower price, this iron is more popular.

Non-stick soleplate

Nonstick soleplate irons are embedded with Aluminum or some metal plate with a non-stick coating placed over it for smooth gliding over the surface of the fabrics.

Ceramic soleplate

The ceramic soleplates are embedded with a ceramic coating on metal or aluminum plate. By nature, ceramics are efficient in heat and steam distribution.

For a better understanding, here we are listing some of the common differences between Non-Stick and Ceramic Soleplates.

Soleplate TypeFeatures
Non-stick soleplateGlides best over the fabric and it is economical.
Ceramic soleplateGlides best over the fabric with topmost quality and a bit expensive.

Iron Features

Here is a list of some of the components of the steam iron presented here. They are:

Variable Heat Settings

Basic irons are generally featured with low, medium, & hot settings. By the top of the line, irons require a high temperature for better functioning.

Variable Steam Gauge

A variable steam gauge regulates the amount of steam according to the fabric. Most of the irons have a no-drip feature to prevent dribbles.


This basic feature for ironing the cores a fine spray is a necessity.

Burst of Steam

The concentrated outflow of steam is the most advantageous feature for ironing fabrics like denim clothes. The burst of iron is good for eliminating wrinkles and the dents on the iron soleplate.

Vertical Steam

Some models are upright for producing steam removing the wrinkles for the clothes that need special care.

Transparent Water Reservoir

With the help of this component a large chamber and tube determining the availability of water level.

Water Fill-Hole Cover

To prevent leakage a water hole is inclusive in irons.

Anti Calcium System

With the help of this mechanism, it reduces the sediment buildup preventing the clogged steam vents.

Automatic Shut-Off

When the appliance is not working for some time, it gets automatically shut-off. So you don’t need to worry if you are distracted and if the iron is ON, it gets automatically off.

Cord Swivel

360-degree swivel action in any direction is allowed with the help of some mechanism. Thus it reduces wire stress.

Cordless Function

Some cordless irons, the warmth occurs on the heat plates, thus allowing free movement when you start ironing.

Self-Cleaning System

The self-cleaning feature is an advantageous feature of the iron to flush the mineral deposit on it.

Nonstick Soleplate

A nonstick soleplate surface makes the iron easier to clean and glide smoothly over the fabric.

FAQ about Steam Irons

What is a Steam Iron?

Steam iron is an electronic iron that can disperse steam even through vents. Typically, this form of iron comes with a water tank where you need to pour water. The heating elements present in it will convert the water into steam. Steam iron is useful for removing the crease from the clothing. There are several setting options to monitor the flow of steam.

Which is better Steam Iron or Dry Iron?

Steam irons are great for heavy wrinkled clothes. Dry irons can damage your clothes. Nowadays, the steam irons are more preferred.

What are the advantages of using Steam Iron?

The main advantages of steam iron are as follows:

It comes with a spray of water and a water tank.

They provide instant distribution of heat.

Within a minute, you will achieve wrinkle-free fabrics.

What should I look in a steam iron?

Our buyer’s guide on how to purchase iron in Kolhapur, India will help you choose a functional, technical sound, and practical steam iron. Still, look for a quality build, material, and capacity of the water tank. Also, steam vent coverage on the soleplate, non-stick soleplate, self-clean features, and a swivel cord are the rest of the factors to choose a better functioning steam iron.

Can I use steam irons for dry ironing?

Sure, you need to place the iron in the no steam mode.

Do steam irons give a shiny surface on fabrics when used?

There is a chance that shine will appear on dark colored fabrics. The dark colored clothes should be ironed, inside out.

How do I use the vertical steam?

Vertical steam are produced when the temperature is very high. For hanging garments, let the iron heat up at a high temperature. Then hang it upright and float softly over the cloth. The high-temperature vapor softens the fabric and keeps it free from wrinkles.

How often do I have to clean the tank and the vents?

It should be done once in every 2 month to ensure a longer shelf life of the product.

What is the best soleplate for a steam iron?

Ceramic soleplate is the best steam iron soleplate. Ceramic Soleplate is nothing but a metal or aluminum plate with a ceramic cover over it. Ceramics are good heat and steam conductors. It distributes heat and steam efficiently over clothes while ironing. It is the most recommended and best soleplate material, out of all types of soleplate.

What is an Anti-Scale filter in steam iron?

The Anti-Scale filter is also referred to as the Limescale filter. The efficacy of this filter can vary depending on the water hardness of the area in which it is in use.

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