Best Mobiles Buying Guide | Important Factors You Must Consider

Best Mobiles Buying Guide | Important Factors You Must Consider

We brought here Best Mobiles Buying Guide based on important factors that you must prefer while buying like technology used, its type, inbuild features, capability & efficiency, top brands & much more.

Best Smartphones Buying Guide

Smartphones have revolutionized society into a digital world. This powerful and compatible device has made the life to run at ease. These make life sophisticated and efficient. It has vast variant ranges adding a companion to live. So here we are providing you the Best Buying Guide for Smartphone.

Besides all sophistication and power, choosing a perfect and right smartphone still remains a challenge for most of us. Various factor adds to the consideration while buying a phone. Every phone has different aspects and users desire respectively as one needs a high-quality camera, while some others like high versions of operating systems accordingly.

Here we are giving you a comprehensive guide in order to help you in purchasing the right smartphone for different users. We have taken various steps, analysis with the experts and delivering you the same. Continue with the content and it will help you in purchasing the right choice of mobiles according to its usage value.

Key Points to Remember

Below are the factors to be kept in memory before buying a smartphone.

Buying Guide For Smartphones


Smartphones with high-performance give a relief experience with fast and smooth functions and a lot more without the problem of hanging as well as any lag.

The performance of a smartphone depends on the following characteristics:

Processor: It offers high speed & efficiency. The Power is determined by the clock speed, its cores and moreover the technology used in it. The most powerful processor used nowadays is Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.
High Core + Clock Speed = Excellent Performing Processor

RAMRandom Access Memory (RAM) should be on the higher side for smooth performance and excellent multitasking. More RAM means more smooth functioning of the smartphone. RAM is available in 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 5GB, 6GB, 7GB & 8GB.

RAM Requirement Usage & Need for smooth functioning.
2GBGood for basic usage like browsing etc.
3GB-4GBRun multiples apps at the same time, latest game functionality, multiple tabs on the browser.
6GBSmooth Gaming Experience with high visual clarity, and a number of applications.
8GB – 12 GBUsed for heavier applications.


The main function that the smartphone should indulge is the storage capacity for the proper functioning and storage of applications, games, images, videos & movies.

Nowadays many smartphones come with expandable storage in which you can insert a separate memory card if additional storage is required. This helps you in the situation when you are running out of storage.

Smartphone Storage Capacity
8GB – 16GBEmail, message & browser.
16GB – 32GBEmail, browser, music, smooth & light gaming app.
64GB & AboveSmooth & heavy gaming app, movies & music.


The excellent display quality is a must in smartphones to get rich pictures quality and immersive experience.
Here are the 6 factors which you need to consider for the right display of a smartphone:

  1. Screen Size: Screen Size should be big for Cinematic & Immersive View.
  2. Screen Panel Type: Screen Panel Type allows vibrant colors and better view experience.
  3. Resolution: Higher Resolution for Sharper Images.
  4. Aspect Ratio & Bezel-Less: Bigger Screen adds the Weight to the Physical Size for the smartphone.
  5. Screen Protection: Screen Protection helps from Shattering and the case of Accidental Drops.
  6. Design: Design is an important factor that gives the smartphone a delicate look and should be compatible.


The camera quality of a smartphone should be excellent to capture sharp, clear and rich colors.
Few factors that make a camera of a smartphone excellent are:

  1. Resolution
  2. Front Selfie Camera
  3. No of Camera
  4. Video Modes
  5. Lens & Optics
  6. Modes and AI


48MP camera gives a great resolution, with advanced features like pixel binning, incredible clarity with sensors present that are much larger in size.

No of Camera

A higher number of camera allows for more details and eminent photography modes.
Dual Camera
Triple Camera
Depth Sensor
Quad Camera
Telephoto Sensor
Monochromatic Sensor

Lens & Optics

Better Optics and Lens produces clear, sharp and haze-free images.

Front Selfie Camera

selfie camera gives a great aperture, a dual selfie, and a front flash also.

Video Modes

Smartphones camera provide great and high-quality pictures and videos. It also gives a sharper and clearer image as well asa high-resolution video.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Cameras

Some smart cameras use Artificial Intelligence for the prediction of shooting scenarios with their auto-adjusting and AI support.

Battery Capacity

The higher battery means higher life of the smartphone with better battery capacity. We have given a table which gives an idea of the expectation of battery life.

Battery Capacity

Operating System

An Operating System with the latest and advanced version makes phones much easy to handle and gives assurance for smooth performance with bug-free and hanging problems. Here are some core benefits of the latest smartphones.

  • Updated security and reliability for peace of mind.
  • Latest software technology for smooth performance.
  • Get all the latest feature updates with the new OS versions.


The overall design gives the smartphone the final user experience and an eminent look. Here are some of the design elements.

Metal Body
Infinity Display


Keep people away from paying attention to your personal life with various screen passwordsnumeric ones, fingerprint sensors or the face unlock security system. A new technology introduced in the market which is the latest i.e. on-screen fingerprint unlock feature.

Smartphone Security
  • On-Screen Passwords: Easy but not so secure.
  • Fingerprint Sensor: More secure and faster way.
  • Face Unlock: Latest and a more secure feature to unlock.

Dual SIM vs Hybrid SIM

For two SIM card usage, a dual SIM smartphone is required.
Some phone has hybrid SIM tray where the SIM slot shares spaces with a micro SD card.

Dual VoLTE

The Voice Over LTE or VoLTE is becoming the outraging standard of voice calling. So with the Dual SIM gives Dual standby and only one SIM will be activated at the present time.

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