5 Best Microwave Ovens Reviews in Bhavnagar, India

Best Microwave Ovens Expert Reviews | Buyer's Guide | FAQs | Top Brands

Best Microwave Ovens Reviews in Bhavnagar, India

We present here list of Best Microwave Ovens based on their comprehensive reviews, full specification, pros, cons, buyer’s guide & top brands.

Purchasing a best microwave oven in Bhavnagar, India for your kitchen can be challenging especially when you are buying this for the first time. There are 100s of microwave oven models available in the market and thus it makes your task tough to select a right Oven among them that suits your budget and kitchen.

Not need to worry at all. Our experts have made this task easy for you by doing a complete comprehensive reviews for all the microwave ovens available and listed top models based on their specification, pros & cons, efficiency and durability. You’re at the right place If you are in process to buy the best microwave oven in Bhavnagar, India for your cooking.

In this post we’ve listed the top 5 microwave oven models along with the information such as top brands, microwave types, buying tips, and various questions commonly asked by the consumer are included in the second part.

Here is the list of best microwave ovens that are available in Bhavnagar, India market. They have been selected by more than 1000’s of users happily for their kitchen.

Top 5 Microwave Ovens in Bhavnagar, India

1. IFB 17L Solo Microwave Oven (17PM-MEC1)

17PM-MEC1 microwave oven makes cooking easy. This model comes has great white elegant shade. It has 2 simple knobs for easy and simple use. It has timer that every customer looks for. It also consist of flexible power level that helps you to adjust it without interrupting the cooking process.

This is perfect for defrosting already frozen foods or reheating it to right temperature before serving. This would be proved right decision for small kitchen area.

If you want to store it and bring out back to kitchen only when required then this model is great for you. It is lightweight and portable.

IFB Solo Microwave Oven

IFB 17L Solo Microwave Oven Specifications

Net Weight (Kg) Approx 10.5
Outer Dimension (H X W X D-mm) 262 x 452 x 330
Turntable Diameter (mm) 245
Colour White
Cavity Powder Coated
Clock Mechanical Timer
Microwave Output (Watts) 700
Overheating Protection Yes
Microwave Frequency (MHZ) 2450
Power Source (V~HZ) 230~50
Microwave Power Consumption (Watts) 1200
Warranty 1+3 years
Auto Cook SettingsOnly Contain A Limited Amount Of Food
Flexible Power Control
Suitable For Bachelors & Small Families
1+3 Years Warranty

Our Expert Opinion

IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven is ideal for defrosting and reheating purposes. With its capacity of 17 liters only, this compact yet elegant model can perform basic frosting, heating, and pre-cooking work.  It suits best for solo-living and small families. If you have low budget and small family, this can be right choice for you.

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2. Samsung 28-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

Samsung 28-Litre convection microwave oven is one of the top ovens available because of its performance and its unique look. Also it is one of the most effortless ovens because of its key user-friendly features.

This microwave oven makes perfect & Crispy Naan or Roti with just a single touch. You can enjoy curd or dough anytime with the help of its Fermentation Function.

You can select from variety of pre-programmed recipes on the Samsung Pure2 and enjoy different or familier flavors with the simple touch of a button.

Samsung Convection Microwave Oven

Samsung Convection Microwave Oven Specifications

Product Type Convection
Oven Capacity 28 L
Wattage 2900 watts
Outside (WxHxD) 517x310x474.8mm
Installation Type Freestanding
Color(Door) Black
Display Type LED
Convection Heater Quartz
Grill Heater Sheath
Power Consumption (Max) 2,900 watts
Power Source 230 V/50 Hz
Various Cooking Mode Yes
Steam Cook No
Auto Cook Yes
Child Safety Lock Yes
Sound on/off Yes
Weight (Net) 17.5 Kg
Warranty 1+5 years
Unique One Press Tandoor TechnologyDoes Not Provide a Starter Kit With This Product
Advanced Fermentation Tech Which Can Help To Make Curd/Yogurt Any Time
Pre-Programmed Local Recipes
6 Power Levels, Multiple Cooking Modes and Convection Temperature
Large Turntable Size
Quartz Convection Heater

Our Expert Opinion

Samsung convection oven consist of 6 power levels and various cooking modes to deliver excellent performance. Defrosting is another feature of it. Slim Fry and Dough Fermentation programs are another important feature added to its performance. If your budget is not restrict, this can be best choice that consist of all modern.

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3. Bajaj 20 L Grill White Microwave Oven

Bajaj 20-Litre grill microwave oven is good for reheating foods, as well as for preparing delicious dishes. This 20-litre microwave oven best suits for bachelors and couples. Even small families or nuclear families consisting of 2-3 members can use this to meet their daily kitchen needs.

Bajaj Grill White Microwave Oven

Bajaj Grill White Microwave Oven Specifications

Brand Bajaj
Capacity 20 L
Color White
Control Type Touch Key Pad
Warranty 1 Year
Timer Yes
Defrost Yes
Auto Cook Yes
Cooking Indicator Yes
Cooking Modes Grill
Child Lock Yes
Power Output 800 W
Power Consumption 1000 W
Weight 13.6 kg
Good Safety Features No Digital Controls
Nine Preset Auto-Cook Options
Jog Dial Controls
Excellent Performance As It Saves Power and Time

Our Expert Opinion

Bajaj microwave oven consist of dual defrosting options. It helps you to defrost either by weight or by time. Using the weight option is perfect if you have a weighing machine at home. This oven automatically decides the best time required for defrosting your frozen objects depending on its weight. If you do not have a weight machine at home then we suggest you not to go for this option.

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4. LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

LG 28-litres microwave oven can cook almost everything with just one touch. It performs stewing to roasting, Roasting to Baking, Browning to Pasteurizing, Barbecuing to Diet Frying, Diet Frying to Heating, Steaming to Grilling. This helps to design a dream kitchen for your home.

It can easily suit any Indian family and deliver a hassle-free cooking experience any time.

LG Convection Microwave Oven

LG Convection Microwave Oven Specifications

Capacity (Litre) 28
Cavity Stainless Steel
Auto Cook Menu 251
Multi Cook Tawa Yes
Rotisserie Yes
Microwave Frequency(MHZ) 2450
Watts Microwave (Output) 900
Watts Grill (Input) 1200
Watts Convection (Input) 1950
Watts Combination (Input) 1950
Control Type Tact Dial
Cooking Completion Alarm Yes
Child Lock Yes
Dimensins(W*H*D) mm 510*310*520
Pros Cons
Cooking Can Be Manipulated During the Process It Is Known To Be A Bit Noisy While Working
Promotes Healthy Cooking Procedures
Has Adjustable Fan Speeds and a Grill Heat Feature to Save Energy
Has a Motorized Rotisserie Perfect for Grilling
251 Present Menu on Its Auto Cook Feature
Has Diet Fry Feature for Minimal Oil Usage

Our Expert Opinion

You can boil milk using this oven and retain nutrition. Its Diet Fry feature serves you very tasteful and crunchy dishes with low quantity of oil. It helps you to save your time as well as effort. Its Other features like Indian Roti Basket and Motorised Rotisserie helps you to prepare dishes that may be the most scrumptious meal ever.

LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven is also very safe as far as kids are concerned. If money is not constraint, you must go for this oven.

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5. BPL 20 L Convection Black Microwave Oven

BPL 20 Litre convection microwave oven has proven its importance and capabilty in last few years and is now among the top 5 list. It is a bit low on capacity but its simplistic features easily manage everything. It has smart power selection feature and auto cook options. This is a potent microwave oven at this price range as compared to other ovens.

BPL Convection Black Microwave Oven

BPL Convection Black Microwave Oven Specifications

Control Type Touch Key Pad
Frequency 2450 MHz
Display Type LED
Capacity 20 Litre
Microwave Type Convection, Grill
Power Requirement AC 220 – 240 V
Power Output 800W
Defrost Yes
Child Lock Yes
Deodorizer Yes
Defrost Options Speed Defrost
Timer Yes
Preheat Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Pros Cons
Child Lock Capacity Is Less
Smart Power Selection Features Are Limited
Stainless Steel Cavity
Auto Cook Option

Our Expert Opinion

BPL 20 litres microwave oven is an amazing product from BPL and can easily fulfill the cooking needs of 2-4 members family. This provides all the convection features and is very compact in size, so it fit in a very small area of the kitchen. This can be the best oven in its price range if you go for it.

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Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Microwave Oven in Bhavnagar, India

We present here Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Microwave Oven in Bhavnagar, India based on technology, type, features, capability & brand. Read till the end to make right decision before purchasing one.

Our expert have brought some factors together those are very important to be considered while buying a microwave oven. Must have a look on these factors before making final decision to buy a microwave oven for your kitchen.

Types of Microwave Ovens

A microwave oven is an appliance which uses microwave rays in the electromagnetic field to cook the food that is put inside the oven. It works perfectly to bake cakes, pastries, bake pizza, roasting chicken, reheating foods etc.

Types of Microwave Ovens

Depending upon their functionalities, Microwave Ovens are of various types which are as follows:

Convection Microwave

The Convection Microwave Oven can be used for baking as well as cooking. It is the most innovative type among the microwave oven.

You can cook and bake different foods using these ovens. This ovens are all in one package and helps in preheating, cooking, frying as well as baking. The Convectional Microwave ovens are the most efficient ovens among the all microwave ovens.

Solo Microwave

One of the simple microwave oven is Solo Microwave Oven which has all the basic functions inbuilt.

The Solo Microwave Oven do uniform distribution of heat and it can be used for basic cooking with all power level settings. Some of the Solo microwave ovens also come with preset menus that can be used to cook bake or fry things accordingly.

Grill Microwave

Grill ovens are quite useful as in grill mode there is a setting where metal rod is placed. It helps to keep the food near to the rods and make the microwave setting off.

Also it can be set in combined mode for various kinds of cooking like roasted/fried chicken. This oven can be used for both purpose, means, if you like grilled food enable grill mode or you can bake samosas, pizza, cake etc as per your needs under microwave settings.

Capacity Microwave Oven

Microwave capacity is measured in cubic litres, ranging from 13 litres to 42 litres. A typical family sized microwave is somewhere between 20 and 25L.

Capacity Microwave Oven

Microwave Features

Here are the main features of microwave ovens available in Bhavnagar, India market.

Microwave Feature

Auto Cook Menu

Once you select type of dish (code) along with its weight, the Auto Cook Menu feature will automatically set the power and cooking time.

Child Lock

Child lock system prevents your children from interfering the oven in between.


Defrost function helps to unfreeze food quickly. Using auto defrost function is quite easy. Input the frozen food’s weight and the oven will set the best time/program.


Rotisserie, the grilling accessory, comes with a few microwave ovens. It is useful for grilling items and barbecuing paneer, vegetables, meat and poultry.


Timer helps to end a cooking or heating program after a specified duration automatically. A beep sound indicates the program’s end.


Preheating is usually used before preparing cookies, cakes and certain recipes that use the grill function.

Microwave Panel Types

With a good control panel, it makes easy to use, from setting the timer to selecting a preset, it has full controls from the buttons.

Microwave Panel Types

With a good control panel, it makes easy to use, from setting the timer to selecting a preset, it has full controls from the buttons.

Microwave Panel Types
MechanicalLong Life Panel and Easy To Use It
Feature TouchTouchscreen Panel, Easy To Clean and Stylish Design
Tactile ButtonEasy To Set The Temp and Time, Jogs-wheel Controls

Microwave Ovens Safety Tips

  • Clean the exterior and interior after use
  • Do tot allow children to operate the Microwave
  • Use ovens mitts as vessels become hot in the Microwave
  • Do not use metallic cookware with metallic edges
  • Do not operate the Microwave when it is empty
  • Use Microwave safe cookware like glass ceramic, plastic and paper

FAQ about Microwave Ovens

What should I look into while buying a microwave oven?

You can clean the oven without any difficulty. For this, take a cup of water and add chopped lemon, orange or vinegar solution into it. Set the oven for 5-10 minutes and turn on the device. Wipe inside the machine using a cotton cloth or sponge to deter the stains and other dust particles.

Which microwave oven is better – convection or grill?

The answer depends on the cooking functions you are looking for. A convection oven can do all the functions of grilling, heating, and baking. However, a grill convection oven can only grill and heat food items. They are not designed for baking which is one of its drawback.

Do the microwave ovens use more power than other cooking appliances?

Microwave ovens consume more power just like ACs, refrigerators and washing machines, which further leads to high electricity bills. Usually, they vary between 600 and 1500 watts depending on the brand model, use and smart choices.

How many watts does a microwave consume?

Usually, a microwave that consumes more power, cooks faster and evenly. Most microwaves used in market consume between 600 – 1200 Watts. Larger and more expensive microwaves have higher wattage.

Is inverter microwave better?

A microwave that uses inverter technology relies essentially on the inverter as the main source of power, unlike others that rely on magnetic coils or transformers. Inverter technology can operate continuously, even at 50 percent power, throughout cooking time.

How long does a microwave oven last?

The average lifespan of the Microwave Oven is 9-10 years. This can vary, however, from brand to brand, and daily use. But, when you find anything defective get it fixed free of charge as the product manufacturer provides free warranty services from the purchased date.

How can I clean Microwave Oven?

Microwave cleaning is a hassle-free process as it can be easily done by putting a bowl of vinegar & water solution inside the oven and turning it on for 3-5 minutes. After that, the junks stuck on the oven’s interior walls will loosen out and can be quickly cleaned with a cloth.

Are microwave ovens safe for cooking food?

Yes, these appliances are 100 % safe for cooking food. Nowadays, there is a myth that microwave ovens have high RF radiation to heat the food that develops cancer cells.

This is not true, it only boils water molecules to generate heat and there are no X-Rays for this, and it does not make any food radioactive.

What is the power level in a microwave?

The power level in the microwave depends on the operation of the magnetron. The magnetron cycle continues on and off, leading to proper cooking and heating of food.

Does microwave emit any radiation?

If the microwave functions effectively and efficiently, it does not emit any kind of radiation. On the contrary, if there is any damage to the indoor seal due to dirt , grease, mechanical abuse or simple wear and tear, there is a risk of radiation emissions.

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