5 Best Geyser Reviews in Ajmer, India

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Best Geyser Reviews in Ajmer, India

Best Geyser/Water Heaters in Ajmer, India

Best Geyser/Water Heaters in Ajmer, India

We present here list of best Geyser in Ajmer, India based on their comprehensive reviews, full specification, pros, cons, buyer’s guide & brands.

Here we will represent a detail comprehensive analysis about Top 5 Best Geyser in Ajmer, India that is trending in this winter. Read till the end and finally you will be able to make right selection after reading this complete article. We always help you to make the right decision based on comprehensive data collected by our experts.

Our experts always work on collecting real data based on facts and represent it in very user freindly manner that gives you a detail idea about Best Geyser in Ajmer, India in terms of key features, specification, advantage, disadvantage, buyer’s guide etc.

Now-a-days Water Heaters or Geysers have become one of the important home appliances that we must have especially during winter seasons. Because, traditional methods like heating water over stoves or gas are not only expensive and dangerous but also very uncomfortable.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Geyser In Ajmer, India based on key features, specification, advantage, disadvantage etc.

1. Havells Senzo 5S 25 L – White Storage Water Heater

Havells is one of the major power distribution appliances manufacturing company. Havells Senzo 5S 25 L is the best choice for 3-4 members family or a guest bedroom. Its ergonomic design makes it difficult for anyone to notice the water heater. Havells is always known for its high efficiency products and specially Havells Senzo 5S water heater lives up to the consumer expectations.

This heater work best for those who needs an instant heating process. You just need to press the button and in nearly zero time you will get hot water from the output pipe of the Geyser. You can connect that into your shower or tap or even in your bathtub as per your needs. When you talk about pressure, then it can handle a pressure up to 8 bars which makes it most suitable for the more prominent buildings.

The Geyser has a metal body instead of plastic body like other water heaters. Please read below detail specification, pros, cons and our expert opinion.

Havells Senzo Water Heater Features

  1. Digital Display
  2. Feather Touch
  3. Incoloy Glass Coated Heating Element
  4. FeroglasTM Technology
  5. Whirlflow Technology
  6. 8 Bar Pressure
  7. Shock-Safe Plug
  8. PUF Insulated Tank
Havells Senzo White Storage Water Heater

Havells Senzo Water Heater Specifications

Capacity25 L
Model NameVicto 25
Rating In Watts2000
Star Rating4 Star
Body Dia (in cm)36.5
Body Height (in cm)58.5
Version of MountingV
Working Pressure in Kg/cm² (Max)8
Product Warranty 2 year
Heating Element Warranty3 year
Inner Tank Warranty 5 year
Pros Cons
Shock Resistant Electrical Units Low Temperature Heating Is Not Very Impressive
Adjustable Temperature Settings A Bit Higher Priced
Durable Fero Glass Technology
Comes With a Prolonged Warranty Period
Auto Cut Off Feature
Heats Up Quickly

Our Expert Opinion

This can be proved to be good choice if you select it for your home. As far as performance is concerned, Havells Geyser is reliable and efficient. It is ideal for a 3-5 members (nuclear) family and high rise buildings. It can stand with high pressure so no need to worry about. Its Installation is quite easy and customer service is amazing. Unlike other water heater brands, this comes with an accessory kit that is very useful for consumer.

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2. Bajaj New Shakti GL Storage 15 Litres Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti GL Storage 15 Litres Geyser/Water Heater, made in India product, comes with some impressive features designed to handle the hard water.

Its 15-litre well designed storage tank capacity works efficiently with time and consume less energy without causing much concern to you. The features are almost same as Havells Senzo 5S 25 L but this one comes with a commendable 15 liters of capacity.

This water heater is made of a multi-functional safety valve along with a cable which is fire-retardant. You need not to worry about the electric bill because this small sized heater is designed in such a way that it gives enough heating in lower consumption of energy. Its water tank has special feature of anti-corrosion property which can save your maintenance expenses in future.

Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater Features

  1. 3 Star Rating – Saves Electricity Cost and Conserves Energy
  2. Glassline Inner Tank – Prevents Corrosion of the Tank, Guarantees a Durable Product
  3. Plastic Outer Body – Prevents Rust and Corrosion, Ensuring a Long Life Of The Product
  4. Product Warranty – 2 years
  5. PUF Insulation – Traps The Heat Inside The Tank, To Keep Water Hot For Longer Period Of Time
Bajaj New Shakti GL Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater Specifications

Rated Voltage230V, AC
Rated Frequency (HZ)50
Rated Wattage (in watts)2000
Type of Water HeaterClosed
Mounting Type (Vertical/Horizontal)Vertical
Rated Tank Capacity (l)15
Star rating (BEE)3
Product Overall Warranty2 Years
Tank Warranty 5 Years
Heating Element Warranty2
Outer Body MaterialCRCA + PP
Safety Valve4 in 1 Multifunctional Valve
Heating Element (copper tube):Tubular Type
Insulation TypePUF (injected)
Tank MaterialMild Steel with Glass Lined Coating
Cord Size (length)1 meter
Max Reheating Time in minutes40
Dimension unit pack (l*w*h) (in mm)378*386*505
Net Weight (kg)9.7
Gross Weight (kg)10.6
Pros Cons
Large Storage Capacity Pipes And Miscellaneous Installation Accessories do not come with package
4 Star BEE Rating The Temperature Monitor Is Not Accurate
Can Withstand High Water Pressure
Retains Heat
Heats Up Quickly
2 Year Warranty Product And 5 Year Warranty On The Inner Tank

Our Expert Opinion

The Bajaj New Shakti 15 litre water heater is suitable to all kinds of spaces whether you like to fit in the laundry room or in your bathroom. Its vertical build sits perfectly on the wall without consuming much space. It is available for a decent price so anyone can afford it easily. The Geyser has low maintenance and high safety features.

The outer tank is designed with metal that prevents any external harm to the product and the outer body is made of plastic which defends from rust formation. Its capabilty to handle high pressure makes it ideal for high rise buildings/apartments.

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  • 100% Purchase Protection
  • 10 days, Replacement
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3. Usha Misty 25 Litres Water Heater (Twinkling Grey)

Usha Misty 25 Litres, a classic design water heaters, will blend in and enhance your space. Plus its powered packed performance make it unique among all available Geysers. Thanks to super silent copper heating element and superior high-grade PUF insulation that adds extra pleasure of using it.

In Ajmer, India Market, Usha is well known brand for its classy designs and safe appliances. There is extra inbuild leakage protection and high quality thermostat to cut the power at the time when temperature increases beyond the limits. If you want to select beyond the ordinary then you must choose this water heater which is certified and five stars ratings from its consumer.

Usha Misty Water Heater Features

  1. Faster Heating & Energy Savings
  2. Silent Heating
  3. 5 Safety Features
  4. Horizontal and Vertical
  5. Classy Cylindrical Design
Usha Misty Water Heater

Usha Misty Water Heater Specifications

Capacity (litre)25
Weight (Kg)11
Wattage (Watt)2000 W
Rated Water Pressure (bar)8 Bar
Voltage (V)230 V, 50 Hz, 1 Phase AC
Heating ElementCopper
Dimensions (H x D x W) (mm)590×370
Safety Features
ISI MarkNo
No. of Safety Features5
Earth Leaking Protection DeviceNo
Product2 Years
Heating ElementNo
Tank7 Years
Pros Cons
Multi Safety Features Installation and Customer Service Needs Improving
Product + Inner Tank 2+7 Warranty Low Temperature Mode Is Not Effective
Heats Up Quickly
Retains Heat for Prolonged Hours

Our Expert Opinion

Usha Misty 25 litres water heater has a pretty design on its ABS body. The heater has genuine price for the features it promises. Its Safety feature takes the center stage with this water heater. A Super smooth performance and long lasting ability are what one can expect from this heater. It takes only about 10 mins to heat up the water in its tank. However, installation and after sales service is not very good!

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  • 10 days, Replacement
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4. AO Smith HSE-SDS-15-Litre Vertical Water Heater

AO Smith leading U.S.A. Company has captured the Ajmer, India market like storm with this stylish and compact 15 litre water heater. This brand is known for its regular innovative technologies that improve the long life and effeciency of the appliances. This brand has launched 2 models, 15 and 25 litres. It comes with a Blue Diamond coated tank that has convenient temperature changeable colour, settings, panels and longer warranties.

Having a capacity of 15 ltr, one of the best Geysers in Ajmer, India can give a pretty look to your bathroom. Just to protect the storage tank of this water heater, the brand provides a glass-lined inside coating on its tank which ensures its extended life.

AO Smith Vertical Water Heater Features

  1. Blue Diamond(R) Glass Lined Tank
  2. Most Energy Efficient Water Heater
  3. Glass Coated Heating Element
  4. Anode Rod
  5. Temperature Control Knob
  6. Thermal Cutout
  7. Safety Valve
AO Smith Vertical Water Heater

AO Smith Vertical Water Heater Specifications

Volume [L]15
Power [W]2000
Voltage/Frequency [V/Hz]230~/50
Actual Stdg. Loss [kWh/24h/45°C diff.]0.451
Reheating Time for 35°C rise [in min.]18
Temperature Range [°C]25-75 ±5
Rated Water Pressure [N/cm2, Water head (metres)]80/80
Inlet/Outlet Connections [inch]½ BSP
Net Weight (kgs)9.8
Pros Cons
7-Year Warranty for The Inner Tank No Free Installation
4-Year Extended Warranty on The Glass Coated Heating Element Bad after Sales Service
Energy Efficient (BEE 5 Star)
Customizable Temperature Setting and Thermal Cutout
15 Litre Storage Capacity
Low Maintenance
Super Silent

Our Expert Opinion

This small and compact Geyser works wonderfully with its excellent safety features that allow even children to handle it freely. Its innovative anti-corrosion technology enables low maintenance. This water heater best suites hard water supply. On the other part, services after sales is not good. Once water heated, the temperature is maintained up to 12 hours.

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  • 10 days, Replacement
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5. V-Guard Victo 25L- Water Heater with Inlet and Outlet Pipes

V-Guard Victo 25L is designed for people who appreciates and use great product that combines efficiency with beauty together. The Victo series is very good product for consumers. It comes with high-end powder coated Mild Steel and an ABS end cover. It contains high quality PUF insulation that effectively minimize heat and electricity consumption. It also carry an Analogue Temperature Indicator and many additional safety devices.

This water heater consist of an inner tank manufactured using a very high quality steel and also holds an Incoloy 840 heating element. The Victo Series is ideal for those homes that comes under multistoried buildings and also its capable of holding a pressure up to 8kg/cm².

V-guard Victo has four layer of safety system that consist of a hi-tech thermostat and thermal cut off feature that controls the right temperature regulation. Its multi-functional safety valve delivers optimum pressure control and protects from leakages and corrosion.

V-Guard Victo Water Heater Features

  1. Free Installation Kit and Company Authorized Installation
  2. Four Layered Safety
  3. Rust-Proof ABS End Cover
  4. Easy-To-Operate Adjustable Temperature Control Knob
  5. High Quality Steel and Glass-Lined Anti-Corrosive Coating
  6. Incoloy 840 Heating Element
V-Guard Victo Water Heater

V-Guard Victo Water Heater Specifications

Capacity25 L
Model NameVicto 25
Rating In Watts2000
Star rating4 Star
Body Dia (in cm)36.5
Body Height (in cm)58.5
Version of MountingV
Working Pressure in Kg/cm² (Max)8
Product Warranty 2 year
Heating Element Warranty3 year
Inner Tank Warranty 5 year
Pros Cons
Energy Efficient Not Sure Whether It Withstands High Pressure
Comes With a 2 -Year Warranty
Accessory Kit Included
Low Maintenance Longer Shelf-Life

Our Expert Opinion

V-guard Victo does not take much time to heat up 25 ltr of water. The sleek build of the Geyser fits into any space without any problem. The Geyser weighs about 10 kgs only which suits it wall mounting ability. It is energy efficient and has low maintenance once get installed. It is compatible with hard water supply with decent water pressure. The entire package includes accessory units unlike other brands.

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  • Free Delivery
  • 100% Purchase Protection
  • 10 days, Replacement
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Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Geyser/Water Heater in Ajmer, India

Before purchasing any kind of product, it is very important to understand the requirements and have proper knowledge of product features because without it, you will end up with unsuitable product and waste of money as well.

Types of Water Heaters

If based on storage capability – water heaters are categorized into two types storage geysers and thankless (or instant) geysers.

  1. Storage Geysers
  2. Instant Geysers
  3. Gas Geysers

Capacity of Water Heater

The daily hot water requirement is the one of the main factors that should decide the capacity of the geyser. The table below highlights which geyser to buy based on the average use.

Capacity of Water Heater

Auto-off Feature

This is a very important and useful feature and needs to be present in all home appliance. It is very obvious that we forget about turning off after using the appliances. If you do not have auto cut feature in your Geyser/Water Heater then this might lead to a shocking electricity bill.

Power Consumption of Water Heater

Power Consumption

Power Consumption is another important feature that you must take care about while selecting a water heater. Geyser/Water Heater usually contributes 15% of your electricity bill. Nowadays almost all the home appliances are star rated. So the most effecient product in terms of power are rated high. So you can select a 5 start rated or close to that if you are looking for energy efficient Geyser.

Water Heater Safety Features

Safety Features
  • Automatic Thermal Cut-out
  • ABS Plastic Body
  • Fire Retardant Cable
  • Safety Valve


Conventionally geysers are installed vertically. Horizontal geysers are new but popular in the market. Horizontal ones are known as H-Wall geysers while Vertical Geysers are known as V-Wall geysers.


Tank Material of Water Heater

The basic materials used to manufacture storage tanks in geysers are Copper, Stainless Steel, Thermo Plastic.

Tank Material

Best Geyser / Water Heaters Brands in Ajmer, India

  • AO Smith
  • Bajaj
  • Crompton
  • Havells
  • Kenstar

Other Factors That One Must Take Care About While Buying A Geyser

  • Material of the Water Tank
  • Anti-Scale And Anti Corrosive
  • Insulation
  • Pressure
  • Heating Element
  • Auto-Off Feature
  • Power Consumption
  • Wattage
  • Ratings
  • Mount
  • Build and Material
  • Additional Features
  • Durability and Maintenance
  • After Sales Service
  • Warranty
  • Expense

General Tips before Buying a Geyser

  1. It is not good to use Electric Geysers with Copper tank at home with high water supply pumps. High water pressure can damage your geyser along with the tank.
  2. When installing a Gas Heater, Make sure place the LPG gas cylinder up and also outside the bathroom. The gas heater emits Carbon Monoxide (CO) that is harmful for health.
  3. Your electric geyser should have an auto cut-off feature that efficiently cuts off the supply of electricity when the water reaches 60℃. Any further heating can cause outbursts.
  4. Buy only those geyser/water heaters that has genuine BIS/ISI certification. This ensure all the necessary trials and assurance checks.
  5. You must hire a professional person to install the geyser as slight negligence might risk the life of the product and yours as well.
  6. Always check warranty information at the time of purchasing.
  7. Must go for a shock proof and rustproof – ABS Plastic body
  8. A Fire Retardant Cable reduces the flammability of the cables. It prevents any chances of short circuit.
  9. A safety valve discharge excess water when the pressure or temperature exceeds safe limits.
  10. Auto-On/Off feature automatically turn the device off when water is heated to 60 degrees.
  11. Higher the BEE star rating, more the energy savings.
  12. Follow Safety Measures while using a geyser.
  13. Children should stay away from geyser while it is on. Their is possibility that they can burn their hands with hot water
  14. Never keep geyser on for a long time.
  15. Never leave unused water inside the tank as it causes wastage of energy.

FAQ about Geyser

Which one is better – the electric geyser or the gas geyser?

The electric geysers are more expensive but better than the gas geysers. The electric geysers are safe and available as instant geysers. The life span of electric geysers is also more than gas geysers as the gas heating burners of the gas geysers tend to damage frequently.

Which geyser is the best storage or instant?

The Instant Geysers are best suited for saving electricity or gas bills, while the Storage Geysers need to reheat the water to maintain its temperature.

What happens if the geyser is left on for 24 hours?

If the geyser has an option for auto switching there is no harm left on for 24 hours. Without such an option, however, the geyser can burst out due to overheating and it can cause major accidents.

Which geyser is best suited for kitchen?

1-3 liters of instant geysers are best suited to the kitchen because of the frequent need for hot water. The life span of these heaters is high as there is no water tank in them.

How many units does a geyser consume?

A typical 2000 to 3000 watt electric geyser consumes 1 to 2 units of electricity per hour of operation at full capacity, which is approximately 60 units per month. With regular usage and type of use the electricity consumption increases.

How long does the water heater last?

The life of the water heater depends entirely on the water quality and also on the water heater quality. The average water heater will last about 10-12 years. If it is well serviced then it will last much longer but it is suggested to remove the geysers every 10 years due to the deposits of calcium.

What is the average cost of water heaters?

Water heaters lead to about 15 percent of the electricity bill in winters, so it should be carefully chosen and it is better to use an energy efficient water heater. Nowadays, it’s easily available in the form of a star rated, and five star rated appliances are the most energy efficient.

Is gas geyser is cheaper than electric geyser?

Yes, the electric geysers are cheaper than the gas geysers. But the main drawback is that the gas geysers are completely unsafe.

Can I install the Geyser myself?

We never recommend you to install a geyser yourself until you are a professional. We will also advise you to avoid local plumbers because they do not follow safety measures and are often not very professional. It’s better if you’re looking for help with the Authorized Service Center. Some manufacturers provide installation services when you purchase a new item. You will need some additional things for installation, such as 2 steel ribbed pipes, 1 brass angle valve, a connecting nipple and a few other things.

Is a gas geyser safe?

No, the gas geysers are completely unsafe. Even a gas geyser can lead to death if there is no proper ventilation in the installed area or room. It also releases carbon monoxide into the air and causes pollution.

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