5 Best Front Load Washing Machine Reviews in Coimbatore, India

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Best Front Load Washing Machine Reviews in Coimbatore, India

Our Expert has come up with the list of Best Front Load Washing Machine in Coimbatore, India based on their reviews, full specification, pros, cons, buyer’s guide & top brands.

Now no longer you will have to take a lump of detergents meshing your laundry in water. The wait is over for queuing up the community laundry room opting for the laundry services of the third party – because nowadays washing machines are affordable, comes within the budget.

Front Load-Fully Automatic is the advanced category of washing machines. These washing machines are having the front transparent door instead of the top lid, which is the name indicates as the front loading washing machine. This Washing Machine is having a horizontal tub that uses a tumbling system to clean your laundry.

Purchasing a washing machine is a very difficult task as there are many models from different brands. One cannot choose any washing machine, because it is a long term decision, which can’t change every year.

5 Best Front Load Washing Machine

We have, for a better approach to washing machines have compiled a marvelous list of best fully automatic front load washing machines and also reviewed and decisions made in helping for the selection of your choice according to the performance and for the convenient facilities.

The list covers all models from trusted brands like IFB, Bosch, LG, and Samsung. Check out the list and if you are willing to purchase one according to your budget, please click on the link above.

Here is the 5 Best Front Loading Washing Machine in Coimbatore, India.

1. IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB fully automatic washing machine is ideal for 3 to 4 members in a family. It comes with the latest features making it, the best washing machines in the segment.

IFB washing machines comes with state-of-the-art features like Aqua Energy, Cradle Wash, 2D Wash system, and many more features to deliver a fantastic performance every. There is a Tub Clean feature that cleans the drum and thus preventing limescale or patches formation.

This machine is also safe as it captures and monitors the voltage-fluctuations and power cuts. The child lock is also an added feature that prevents children to play with the controls.

IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Features

  • 2D WASH SYSTEM: Washing and Rinse cycle uses a shower system that ensures thoroughly clean wash and soaking.
  • BALL VALVE TECHNOLOGY: The Float Ball Valve technology ejects the water out and keeping the detergent inside it, thus preventing wastage and enhancing the wash.
  • AUTO BALANCE SYSTEM: For stable wash, the unbalanced clothes are automatically detected and redistributed.
  • AQUA ENERGY: Water is energized by this feature which is a built-in device. The filter technology treatment dissolves detergent for a better and softer wash.
  • LAUNDRY ADD: It also put in the missed laundry after the cleaning cycle has started.

    So if you are willing to purchase this fully automatic washing machine with front load characteristics, you can directly jump to the website by clicking on the link above.
IFB Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Specifications

Wattage930 Watts
Power SupplySupply220-240V
Water Supply0.3 Bar to 10 Bar
Net weight62Kg
Dimension598W X 506D X 847.5H
Water Consumption45L
Temperature OptionsHot, Warm, Cold
Spin Speed800RPM
Wash Programs15 Programs
Child LockYes
Door MaterialPlastic
Warranty4 Years
Affordable For A Front Load Washing MachineNo Timer Or Display Available
Stainless Steel Drum Improves The Durability Of The Unit
Aqua Energy Technology Energizes The Water
Quiet Operation
Decent Wash Quality

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2. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

It is a German Technology which is more respected for its standard. Its loading capacity is 7Kg which would be compatible for normal households. Bosch WAK24268IN is a fully automatic front load washing machine is one of the best washing machine in Coimbatore, India according to the latest survey.

It has a spin speed of 1200 rpm and it is a mix of various smart functions that makes it ideal for customers looking which embraces the full potential of it.

So if you wish to purchase this brand you can link on the above link.

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Features

  • AntiVibration Design provides stability, reduces vibration and ultimately noise is also minimized.
  • VarioPerfect™ uses up to 20% less energy by 65% less time.
  • VarioDrum’s wave-droplet design provides it a gentle clean and fine textiles.
Bosch Front Loading Washing Machine

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Specifications

Capacity7 kg
Max. spin speed1200 rpm
Dimensions85H x 60W x 60D cm
Installation typologyFreestanding
Energy consumption174.00 kWh/A
Noise level washing54 dB
Noise level spinning74 dB
Programmes Types4 Programmes
Child lockYes
Large LED displayYes
Reload FunctionYes
Digital countdown indicator Yes
Vario DrumYes
Warranty2+10 Years
Low Noise LevelDesign Flaw
Helpful Washing Programs
Water Saving Appliance
Energy Saver
Noiseless Operation
Unique Water Filter To Fit In Various Taps
Reduces Vibrations And Ensures Greater Stability

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3. LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG Inverter Technology Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with 6DD Motion provides spectacular motion combinations for every kind of fabric and it also delivers a powerful performance of washing with less damage.

This washing machine uses Inverter Direct Drive Motor which provides it power and makes it super reliable and quiet. As the name suggests this brand has the best motor in the washing machine when one searches in the market, that is why all our motors of this brand come with a 10-year warranty.

So if this washing machine is according to your classification, purchase it now by clicking the link above.

LG 6 kg Inverter Washing Machine Features

  • 6DD MOTION CONTROL: This Motion Control Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum by selecting the wash program in multiple directions. It also gives the fabric proper care while washing and ultra cleaning.
  • STEAM WASH: Extra Care is taken for Delicate Clothes. With the help of this technology, it sterilizes bacteria, removes dust mites, pollen allergen & pits from your clothes.
  • INVERTER DIRECT DRIVE: The motor is directly attached to the drum reducing Noise and vibration.
  • WATERPROOF TOUCH PANEL: It has a waterproof touch panel and comes with a seamless design, so no need to worry about wet hands.
  • STAINLESS STEEL DRUM: It is not plastic, so no chances of bacteria. It comes with a stainless steel body so there are no chances of rusting, ultimately a long life is provided.
  • AUTO RESTART: It has an Auto-Restart feature, which adds an advantage to it when the power is cut and it exactly starts from the same cycle.
  • HEATER: The heater can heat up to 60°C to remove pollen-allergen any type of stain.
LG Inverter Front Load Washing Machine

LG 6 kg Inverter Washing Machine Specifications

Capacity6.0 Kg
Door Diameter300mm
Max Spin Speed1000RPM
Spin Speed4 Options
Voltage220 Volts
Allergy CareYes
Baby Steam CareYes
Touch PanelYes
Digital DisplayYes
Fuzzy LogicYes
Child LockYes
Time DelayYes
Tub CleanYes
Dimensions600W x 440D x 850H
Warranty2+10 Years
Smart Diagonosis
Works With ModerateSometime Installation Problem
Lower Water Pressure
Super Silent
Uses Less Water
Steam Feature
Many Washing Modes For Regular Needs

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4. Samsung 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung washing machines are the perfect solution for one’s busy life for cleaning lightly soiled clothes efficiently and quickly. It has a Quick Wash technology that makes the clothes easy washable and makes it durable in its stability.

The Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine comes with Diamond Drum unique facility of “soft curl” design with diamond-shaped ridges and smooth, supremely gentle on clothes. The motor delivers energy efficiency, minimizes noise and long-lasting performance.

It has Ceramic heaters that prevent calcium compounds to build-up which absorbs more electricity and also requires special detergents to get dissolved. This Fully Automatic Washing Machine comes with a 10-year warranty. So if you wish to purchase one, you can directly click on the link above.

Samsung 6 kg Washing Machine Features

  • QUICK WASH: Perfect solution for your busy life. Freely select the length of the wash cycle.
  • GENTLE FABRIC CARE: It is a Diamond-shaped small water exit holes & drum pattern to protect your clothes.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Crystal glossy design is simple but yet a premium feel.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGNED DIAL: Select the desired mode by turning the dial.
  • WIDE DISPLAY: Intuitive information will be given by this display.
  • TOUCH BUTTON: The designed button responds to the touch slight.
Samsung Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Samsung 6 kg Washing Machine Specification

Washing Capacity6.0 kg
Panel DisplayLED
Maximum1000 RPM
Ceramic HeaterYes
Child LockYes
Delay EndYes
Drum typeDiamond
Over Heating ControlYes
Quick WashYes
Spin Speed1000
15′ Quick WashYes
Baby CareYes
Dimension600W x 850H x 450D mm
Net Weight54 kg
Warranty3+10 Years
Diamond Drum & Ceramic HeaterInstallation Is Tough
Touch LED Panel
Digital Inverter Motor
Low Noise Level
Quality Product
Excels At Washing And Rinsing

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5. Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool 7110 Washing Machine has been Designed & manufactured by the brand named Whirlpool in Europe. This front load washing machine brings up the superior European design & craftsmanship to Coimbatore, India for the very first time ever.

These washing machines are Slow, gentle movements on the drum and are combined with the power of steam that prevents hard wrinkles in clothes from setting and cleaning each fiber of the clothes so one can have the fresh, odor-free and bacteria-free to wear.

Whirlpool Washing Machines comes with advanced Sixth(6th) Sense SoftMove Technology which adapts the rotation of the drum. It also uses cold water wash for protecting the colors of the fabrics and enhances perfect cleaning. These washing machines are also durable with a long life. So if you wish to purchase one, please click on the link above.

Whirlpool 7 kg Washing Machine Features

  • 14 WASH OPTION: It has 14 wash programs for a complete wash.
  • RAPID 30: It is used for washing lightly soiled garments and this cycle lasts only 30 minutes which saves time and energy.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: It has a digital display for easy access.
  • COLOUR 15: It effectively uses the softener for fading of clothes.
  • 6 SENSE TECHNOLOGY: It automatically senses the load, adapts drum movement and minimizes friction to maximize wash performance.
Whirlpool Front Load Washing Machine

Whirlpool 7 kg Washing Machine Specification

Capacity7 Kg
Washing MethodTumble Wash
Wash Types12 – Tumble Wash
Max Spin Speed1000 RPM
DisplayDigital Display
Machine Weight66 Kg
Wattage1850 W
Voltage220-240V, 50Hz
Dimensions 59.5×57.5×84.5 (WDH)
Warranty2+5 Years
Very Good Wash QualityNot
Minimum Water Usage
Value For Money
Minimum Energy Consumption
2 Year On Product And 5 Year On Motor

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Ultimate Buying Guide for Front Load Washing Machine in Coimbatore, India

The front-loading washing machines are preferred by the international community whereas the top-loading ones are preferred by people in Coimbatore, India.

Most people in Coimbatore, India wash clothes in the semi-automatic machines. These are top-loading washing machines. It is a kind of adaptable situation and comfort zone.

Secondly, front-loading washing machines use less water in comparison to the top-loading ones is an added advantage. The latest washing machines have the extra added feature of heating water before the wash. Therefore, Front Load washing machines consume less power because of less water consumption.

Drying of clothes in the front-loading machines are more pronounced. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the front-loading washing machines before taking the decision to purchase one.

Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Taking The Decision To Purchase One

Front Load Washing Machine Features

Benefits of Front-Loading Washing Machine

  1. Front-loading machines are attraction quotient, score very high with their chrome accents and glass doors.
  2. These machines come in larger capacities allowing you to wash like comforters and other bulky items.
  3. These Machines do not have agitators/impellers in the washtub. This gives you greater space and gentle washing actions.
  4. There is some space on top of the machines for stacking the dryers.
  5. As far as performance and fabric is taken care these machines are run excellent.

Front Loading Washing Machine Capacity

Specified in kilograms, capacity typically ranges from 5-10 kg per cycle.

Front Loading Washing Machine Capacity

Why Front Load is better than Top load Washing machine?

Diversely speaking, two types of washing machines are there: 1. Top loading and 2. Front loading. Most of thepeople will recommend you to buy the top-loaders. This is because:

(a) Easy to load into it.
(b) Much cheaper than the front-loading counterparts.

But go for the front-loaders! Why? Because one-time invest in washing machines is done for longer stability. Addition to the complement, the front-loader is all-around better solution in the long run.

Cost is more, No Doubt! but this initial cost will be offset by the money which is going to be saved in the coming years. As compared to top-loaders, they are more durable (maintenance cost negligible), energy-efficient (power saver), water-efficient and a better cleaning facility with added features.

So don’t waste your money on the top-lid loading washing machines and go for the front load washing machines ad they are more durable and long-lasting and if you are willing to purchase one, directly click on the link above.

Washing Machine Technology

So let us come to the extra added features and technology used in the latest washing machines

Inverter Technology: Inverter technology saves electricity. Ideally, the motor of a washing machine is designed so that it operates efficiently on a fixed load. Inverter Technology washing machine allows the motor to run at a variable speed required by the load. Inverter technology washing machines come with sensors that detect the load of the machine and the motor is run accordingly without any kind of fluctuations.

Wash Programs: Customized the wash programs to suit different needs like kid wash, daily wash, silk wash, heavy wash, cotton wash and more.

Drum Capacity: The larger the drum size, the more clothes can be washed in a cycle. Usually a 7-8kg machine works well for most households (see the table above for our sizing guide). If you are working with heavy loads of bed linen and towels quite frequently, a larger drum size could work better for you. These machines often include special programs for bulky loads of washing.

Direct Drive Technology: The direct drive (DD) technology saves electricity. Direct-Drive technology washing machines do not have like gears and belts. This removal of the moving parts eliminates friction and thus saves electricityNoise reduction is also a benefit. This gives the machine a bulky look which is only a single drawback.

Washing Machine Exciting Features

Washing Machine Exciting Features

Best Washing machine brands in Coimbatore, India

  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • IFB
  • LG
  • Haier
  • Boash
  • Videocon
  • Panasonic
  • Godrej

FAQ about Front Load Washing Machine

What are the advantages of Front Loading Washing Machines?

They offer excellent wash quality. They offer superior front load washer-dryer due to their advanced features. They’ve got more wash programs than top-loading machines. They handle more delicate clothes and fibers.

Which washing machine is better in terms of power consumption and cleaning cloth?

Front Loading Washing Machine is perfect and takes less power than other washing machines. In cleaning the clothes, the front loading washing machine is even easier. Still other washing machines are also useful for cleaning the clothes and are fine. But the front loading washing machine needs less power on the fuel intake.

How can front-loading machines be considered economical?

One must agree that the front-loading machines are initially expensive. They save you money over a period of time, by reducing the consumption of electricity, water and detergents.

Does the use of less water and detergents affect the cleaning of clothes?

This does not affect the cleaning procedure. This is because the front loaders have sensors that automatically adjust the amount of water depending on the weight of the load. Of course, you don’t see a lot of water while the process is going on. This does not result in an inferior wash.

What’s the optimum temperature for cleaning clothes?

You’ve got machines on the market that are capable of delivering high-quality washes with temperatures as low as 30 degrees. These machines are carefully programmed to provide an optimum cleaning experience.

Do you experience tangling of clothes in these machines?

Compared with the spinning action in top-loading machines, the front-loading machines use a tumbling action. In those machines, you do not have agitators and impellers. Therefore you don’t experience any clothes tangling. You can also put on the heavier clothes using mesh bags.

Do front-loaded machines require a special type of detergent?

Yes. Top loaded machines are using an agitator and a vertical drum setup. They need foaming detergents because the foam contains surfactants that help cleanse dirt from clothing.
The front-loaded devices are more lightweight and powerful and there is no need for foam on the horizontal drums. They aren’t relying on surfactants for cleaning.

Do full-automatic machines offer a better option?

Fully automatic machines are a much better choice than other types, which is why. It only has a single tub where all the functions can be performed which makes it compact and takes up less space. They ‘re an energy-efficient option for washing and drying your clothes, just set the settings once before loading your clothes. Compared with other options the cost is higher.

Does every washing machine have a drying feature?

Now, most of the washing machines come with a drying feature. If you have a weather condition that is not suitable for drying clothes, just put the clothes inside the tub and turn the drying settings on, you can easily make them dry.

How long should the washing machine last?

This answer depends on the two things – the way you use the washing machine and the quality of the washing machine.

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