5 Best Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews in Ghaziabad, India

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Best Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews in Ghaziabad, India

Our expert has come up with full details of top 5 Best Electric Pressure Cooker in Ghaziabad, India. based on their reviews, full specification, pros, cons, buyer’s guide & top brands.

You try to start cooking the rice! with a concentration on the other items to cook and think that it will be exactly on time, but as the concentration loses over the rice and one minute past, you arrived and there is no time to return as the rice has been overcooked and some horrible smell pervades in the kitchen area with a thick layer of burnt rice at the base.

To overcome this problem along with other necessities, here we came with The Best Electric Pressure Cooker in Ghaziabad, India.

The rice which is made by a normal cooker with negligence of care, either is made very crunchy or excessively soft. So by the list of our pressure cookers, which incorporate various settings of rice and other dishes. There is no need to take the stress and these pressure cookers in our list to learn and adapt.

So here is the list provided of the best pressure cookers in Ghaziabad, India. So if you want to purchase one, then click on the link above.

5 Best Electric Pressure Cooker

The hard part of choosing the electric pressure cooker is to find the best among others, while on the other hand, cooking is the easiest part of it. So we have brought you the 5 most popular and best pressure cookers, with its full specification, pros, and cons, experts’ opinion, and some other specifications, with varying price ranges. Here are the 5 best Electric Pressure Cookers available in Ghaziabad, India.

Have a look into it and if you find something suitable for you, you can click on the link above.

1. Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

This Geek Robocook Electric Pressure Cooker comes with a timer and it ranks 3rd in our list of cookers because then we have got it here for you. In spite of being loaded with features, this Geek Robocook electric cooker ranks good on our list. This pressure cooker comes with 5 liters of capacity.

The product warranty is of 2 years which is something called peace of mind when you look at its 11 preset optional programs which makes cooking a breeze for you. It has a weight of 6 kg and it also maintains the nutritional value of the item to the maximum limit.

Geek Robocook Electric Pressure Cooker Features

  • 11 PRESET MENUS: Cook your Indian breakfast like Sambar, Idly, Pongal, Pulao or any other choice of non-vegetarian items.
  • 5 LITRE CAPACITY: The cooking process preserves the rich nutritional value and comes with a capacity of 5 litres which is enough for an average 5-6 members in a family.
  • PROGRAMMABLE INTELLIGENT: The pressure cooker intelligently manages the temperature, time of heat and pressure to simplify the cooking.
  • EASY TO MAKE: You can easily cook Special Dhal, Soup, Veg Pulav etc.
Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

Geek Robocook Electric Pressure Cooker Specification

Capacity5 liters
LCD panelYes
Item Weight6 kg
Pot MaterialTeflon coated Aluminium
Wattage1,000 watts
Warranty2 years
12 Cooking ModesLower Capacity
7 Safety Measures
Unique Sous Vide Function
Teflon Coated Pot
Save Time And Energy
Touch LCD Panel
Durable And Safe

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  • 100% Purchase Protection

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2. Preethi Touch 6-Liter Electric Pressure Cooker

The advantageous way of cooking the delicious and nutritional way comes with Preethi Touch Electric Pressure cooker. It comes with a 5-in-1 multifunction cooker, steamer, rice cooker, saute containers and hotter. This cooker has multi-functionality with brilliant Indian plans like (rice, biryani, khichdi, rajma, daal, soup, steam veg, idli, cake, sbji, gajar ka halwa, sauce gravy, chicken gravy, meat masala and saute).

This 15 formula enables you to cook preferred dishes while you can start the other work and it guarantees the supplement available in the body with cooking at ideal temperature limits and weights required.

The warm capacity helps to protect the food to keep the nutritional value of it for 4 hours after the cooking culmination. These cookers are certainly different from aluminum weighed pressure cookers which positively gives no steam and clamor for at least 4 hours. So if you want to avail the facility of this pressure cooker, you can simply click on the link above.

Preethi Touch 6-Liter Electric Cooker Features

  • 5-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: A Multifunctional pressure cooker-weight with 5-in-1 functionality provider.
  • 15 WORKED: It highlights pre-modified 15 special and keen Indian plans.
  • INCORPORATES: This Electric Pressure Cooker has Measuring Cup, Aluminum Non-Stick Coated Pan, 2 Ladle Scoop Spatula, Instruction Manual, Flat Spatula and Recipe Pamphlet.
  • AUTO-WARM: It has Auto-warm capacity for 4 hours of warmth subsequent to cooking.
  • GUARANTEE: 1-year guarantee given by the manufacturer.
Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker

Preethi Touch 6-Liter Electric Cooker Specification

Capacity6 liters
Wattage1,000 watts
Warranty1 year
15 Pre-Set Indian RecipesNon-Stick Cooking Pot
1000 Watt Powerful CookerThe Inner Pot Is Made Up Of Aluminium
Can Cook With Both Open And Close Lid
5 In 1 Multi Cooker With Frying Option
1 Year Warranty

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3. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

Mealthy Multipot comes with a smart 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker. It comes with steel pot 8-quart tempered with treated steel, steamer bushel and a 4 cm raised trivet. Making of two dishes in no time with the steamer, keeping sustenance out of the fluid with trivet. Save the silicone gaskets with flavorful and sweet dishes. Gloves of silicone give the safest transport and internal pot expulsion.

Mealthy Multipot Pressure cooker comes with 6 Liters capacity and it is well enough for 4 to 5 members in a family. Materials used to manufacture this pressure cooker are chromium steel which is certainly a durable option. So if you want to purchase this 9-in-1 pressure cooker, you can simply click on the link given above.

Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Electric Cooker Features

  • LCD SCREEN: No more guesses and confusing symbols provided and it comes with LCD panel with icons and indicators.
  • TOUCH PANEL: Touch Panel with popular cooking functions and 14 exciting cooking programs.
  • PATENTED PRS: PRS- Pressure Resolution System adds multiple safety features.
  • MEALTHY APP: Application has been provided to make delicious and Easy-to-follow recipes for fast cooking.
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years Warranty on PRS and Heating Elements and 1-year warranty of parts.
Mealthy MultiPot Electric Pressure Cooker

Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Electric Cooker Specification

Capacity6 litres
Power Supply220V – 50Hz
Wattage1000 watts
Weight6.57 kgs
Warranty5 Years
9 Programmable Options AvailableOnly 6 Months Of Warranty
Inner Material Is Made Of Stainless Steel
Can Make Two-Dishes At One Go
14 Pre-Set Programs
100% BPA Free Plastic & Silicon Parts
LCD Screen With Cooking Progress Indicator

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  • 1 Year Extended Warranty
  • Pay on Delivery
  • 10 Days Returnable
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4. Elica Electric Pressure Cooker with 7 in 1 Multi-Functional

Elica, an Electric weight pressure cooker empowers to prepare delectable nourishment regular food. It has been programmed with 18 pre-set capacities for flawless cooking. Manual input capacity that helps to choose the cooking time according to your plans.

This electric pressure cooker comes with 7-in-1 multi-functional options which reduce the time of cooking, simply to use and gives power through logical cooking strategy. For perfect cooking, the uncommon gasket of silicone is used.

So if you want to purchase this item, just click on the link above and avail the facility.

Elica Electric Pressure Cooker Features

  • 7-IN-ONE FUNCTION: It is a blend of 7 apparatus kitchen equipped in 1.
  • DEFER TIME: Pressing the “Postpone Time” and catch later, change the time of utilization with “+,- ” capacities.
  • MICROCOMPUTER TECHNOLOGY: The microcomputer saves up to 40% of the power in contrast with the other Electric Rice Cooker and slow cooker.
  • 7 SAFETY FEATURES: It has 7 features of safety. These are Open and Close, Pressure Limit Valve, Pressure Control Device, Anti-stop up Cap, Thermostat, Pressure Release Device, and Thermal Fuse.
Elica Electric Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

Elica Electric Pressure Cooker Specification

Capacity6 Litre
LCD screenYes
Item Weight5.3 kg
Warranty1 Years
It Features Microcomputer TechnologyLacks Warranty
Multi-FunctionalityCustomer Service Is Not Up To The Mark
Stainless Steel Body
Delay Timer
It Has An LCD Panel
7-In-One Function

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5. NutriBullet NutriCook Smart Electric Pressure Cooker

Nutricook NutriBullet 9 in1 Smart Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker provides all kinds of cuisines in a few minutes. The 9 Appliances in 1 Pressure cook that is slow cook, steam, saute, soups, cook rice, yogurt, eggs, and warmth, in ONE electrical appliance. Cooking healthy is easy by this Smart Pot. The LCD screen provides progress in cooking.

If you want to cook after a specified time, there is also a provision to delay-start. Cooking in this smart electric pot takes mere minutes. It cooks 70% faster as the company claims and makes the food more flavourful. It is equipped with 14 easy touch programs of cooking that act as a boon to the beginners and cooking aid for the experts.

So if you want to purchase this smart electric pot, you can simply click on the link above.

NutriBullet Electric Cooker Features

  • 11 SAFETY MECHANISMS: Rigorous smart testing has been done and multiple safety measures have been taken to manufacture.
  • 9 APPLIANCES IN 1: The Smart Electric Pot replaces 9 devices of cooking and is equipped in 1.
  • CAPACITY: This smart pot has a capacity of 6 litres.
  • COOKS FOOD FAST: Smart Pot cooks meals in a couple of minutes & is 70% faster cooking process than any other.
  • ONE TOUCH COOKING: Equipped with quick one-touch function for ease.
  • WARRANTY: It comes with a 1-year warranty.
NutriBullet NutriCook Smart Electric Pressure Cooker

NutriBullet Electric Cooker Specification

Capacity6 liters
Item Weight6 kg
Warranty1 year 
Easy And Quick One-Touch OperationDifficult To Find Replacement Parts
Precise Temp Control System
Conveniently Cooks 1 To 7 Eggs At A Time
High And Low-Pressure Control
This 9-In-One Electric Pot
11 Safety Levels
14 Easy Touch Programs

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Buyers Guide for Best Electric Pressure Cooker

Every one of us wants to take advantage of the latest technologies present around us. Most of us like new technology and innovative products which are latest in the market. Similarly purchasing an electric cooker, which consumes less power, saves time, cooks delicious food items and last but, not the least which comes with multiple functionalities is liked by every1.

So a smart pressure cooker can change your lifestyle with one of the innovations of induction heater diffused with the pressure cooker. The cooking process becomes easy and spares time.

Many brands come with eye-catching sight models every year, which creates a lot of confusion to decide in purchasing a suitable pressure cooker, as all of them seem to look promising and amazing in design. But the question is that How would you Decide? So here we have taken a serious step towards deciding the best pressure cooker as per the choice and its requirements.

Take a look below if you are interested in purchasing the best pressure cooker which is available in the Ghaziabad, India market.

Tips For Buying Electric Pressure Cooker

Here are some of the factors given, if you have made up your mind in purchasing a new pressure cooker with all the necessary information that offers optimal utility.

Size – The first thing which comes in mind is about the size of the cooker. If there is a small family, then 4-5 litres is enough, or if there is a large family with 7-8 members then 8-9 litres pressure cooker could be a suitable choice.

Material – Next comes the choice of material. So keep in mind that the best pressure cooker comes with stainless steel with its maximum durable capacity and can withstand high temperatures.

Pressure Indicator & Quick Release – An accurate pressure indicator is required and also has quick-release options, so ensure it.

Pressure Levels – Check the pressure levels that is rated on the pressure cooker. The maximum level is the pressure cooker will reach.

Safety Features – The most important aspect, so ensure it. Some of it includes lid close detection, temperature monitor, gas detector, safety pressure release.

Non-Stick – It’s better to avoid non-stick pressure cookers as they are not durable because of Teflon coating as they cannot sustain high temperatures.

Warranty & Price – Lastly check the warranty and price of the model.

Types of Rice Cookers

There are three kinds of rice cookers, which comes in your mind just as a certain choice of rice making.

Regular Rice Cookers

Regular rice cookers are generally fundamental and are fulfilled by general shoppers. Some areas though basic, that with one touch of fixing the press, the rice is cooked. These are the unquestionable rice cookers.

Keen Rice Cookers

They utilize “fluffy rationale” to detect precisely how to cook the rice superbly and do the work accordingly.

Combo Rice Cooker

Many cookers give an alternative past simply cooking rice. The well-known that can mix and you will discover the simmering pots and the weight cookers.

FAQ about Electric Pressure Cookers

Is it safe to use Electric Pressure Cookers?

Sure. Electric Pressure Cookers are very safe to use and with modern safety features, they are safer than ever before. Yet you need to comply the instruction in the user manual and otherwise no one can guarantee the protection of an electrical system . For example, never touch the surface of the hot cooker, and hold your face and hands away from the valve when releasing pressure.

What kind of food I can’t cook with an electric pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is usually used for cooking food that is moist and moist. It is not usually possible to cook something crispy and hard with a pressure cooker. There are pressure cookers that can be used for frying and roasting when the lid is open.

Does an electric pressure cooker cook faster?

If compared to a stovetop, no. Electric pressure cookers take more time than a stovetop because the temperature is limited here. A recipe that takes 10 minutes to cook in a stovetop may take 15-20 when cooked in an electric pressure cooker. Having that said, it will also depend on the quantity of the food, amount of liquid, size of the content, the temperature of the cooking elements, etc.

Is it easy to use electric pressure cookers?

The answer is both yes and no. In fact, you need a lot of practice to learn about how to operate the control panel. But once you get master in it, you can easily use the cooker without any hassle. The electric pressure cooker comes with push-button controls and a digital monitor that ensures ease of cooking.

What are the advantages of a pressure cooker?

It is pretty simple. You can just save the gas at home. For example, if you boil normal dal in an open vessel, it may take 30 minutes to get soft. But for a pressure cooker it is going to take 10 minutes and 3 whistles. So, you ‘re just saving 20 minutes of LPG gas here.

How to maintain an electric pressure cooker?

After each use clean the pressure cooker lid.

Carefully clean the valves and the rims because they accumulate gunk that stops proper sealing of the lid.

Using a toothbrush to remove any remaining food debris from the valves.

Remove the rubber gasket and wash with warm water, as it becomes smelly after a while of use.
Ultimately, your gasket will wear off. It is quite normal. Replace it

Which is better: a stovetop cooker or an electric cooker?

Cooking with an electric pressure cooker is easier and more convenient than cooking with a stove. The downside, however, is that they’re running under less pressure. Stovetop cookers can hit a 15 psi gage pressure limit. This is why cooking recipes are always prepared in accordance with pots made from stovetop.

What kind of accessories do I need?

The accessories that must be included are the electronic device, the lid, the inner pot and the rubber gasket. Although some models come with some other accessories like a measuring cup, a spoon, a cooking tray, a space silicone gasket, you can do without them.

Can you cook in an electric pressure cooker without liquid?

Pressure cooking requires the use of steam to cook food and water in a pressure cooker is important for building steam. So, technically, without liquid, you can’t cook food.

How can I release the pressure from an electric pressure cooker?

This is really simple. Once the cooking is over, remove the power source first. Then, press the quick-release button to turn or lift the release valve. Then, the pressure is released in a safe and controlled manner.

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